Name Scribblings

Tim Thomas has just signed an exclusive autograph deal with some company which obviously has money to burn, for $300,000 for one year.

I pulled out my trusty calculator and found that if Thomas signed 8×10’s that sold for 20 bucks, he would have to sign 15,000 in one year for this company to get their money back. That’s a lot of pictures. Are there 15,000 people out there willing to buy Tim Thomas’ autograph?

That’s good work if you can get it. All that money for signing your name. As much as the Prime Minister makes. You can even write off all the pens you go through as a business expense in your Online Tax Software.

I wouldn’t spend 20 cents for a Tim Thomas autograph. In fact, if I was rich, the only autographs I would consider buying would be Babe Ruth’s, Howie Morenz, and the Beatles.

I did, however, have a look in eBay for you if you’re interested in a Scott Gomez autograph! And no, there’s no need to thank me.

I found lots stuff signed by Gomez, and they range from five bucks to thirty bucks. Can you imagine how much beer you could buy for thirty bucks? There was an 8×10 of Gomez in a Habs jersey selling for $15.32 or best offer. I don’t mind the 32 cents part.

And I noticed a Scott Gomez game-worn pair of skates from when he was a Ranger, selling for $300.00. This might be a good deal, but only because the skates might cost more than that at the local sporting goods store anyway.

And by the way, his signature sucks. Look at this mess. In my mind this is just laziness and shows no respect for the fans.

Now have a look at these that I also noticed on eBay. These are people who take their time, and show respect to the fans. Nice signatures, that you can read. Jean Beliveau, Johnny Bower, Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, and John Bucyk.


15 thoughts on “Name Scribblings”

  1. maybe it is just coincidence but those players whose autographs are so legible and elegant also possessed soft hockey hands………….. gomez? ’nuff said

  2. danno
    if his squad was losing he would be smiling in that pic………… 5th liners should wear baby blue practice sweaters

  3. If Tim Thomas signed a contract with that company then that means he probably won’t be allowed to write any for anyone for the next year (depending on what his contract stipulates). I hope there is a clause in it that allows him to write other ones (say for a little kid who asks him for one) because if not, he will piss off a lot of people. If he goes ahead and does it he could get into a lot of trouble.

    Gomez’s signature is terrible but he’s not the only one. I saw Nugent-Hopkins’ one recently and it kind of sucks as well. It’s nice to get an autograph but when you can’t even read the thing it’s a real lunchbag letdown.

  4. Darth, that’s the thing. They have to continue to sign for kids. And what about when someone writes to him with a request?

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