My Titles Can Get Quite Boring When The Team Stinks

The culprit wasn’t Dion Phaneuf, although at first glance it might appear that way. Phaneuf rocked and rolled and played like an old-school son-of-a-bitch. But he wasn’t the culprit.

The culprit during this 1-0 loss to the Calgary Flames were the Montreal Canadiens, and one doesn’t have to be Albert Einstein to figure it out. The Habs have scored two measly goals in three games. They should be scoring at least a goal a period. Two goals in three games means you’re going to lose.

Phaneuf on the other hand, played like a hard-rock defenceman should, and I’m talking about the enemy here. If you want to get a good idea of how Doug Harvey played, then take what Phaneuf did tonight, the way he bowled people over and took no prisoners, then add pin-point passing and a controlling general on the ice, especially on the power play, and you have Doug Harvey.

Phaneuf still has to work on the pin-point passing and general part.

And as much as the Habs could use Doug Harvey on the blueline now, they also need Maurice Richard and Guy Lafleur to put the puck in the net. Something the Little Big Three and everyone else hasn’t been able to do lately.

So, if you’re trying to decide if the team’s in a slump or not, just ask yourself, are you happy with the recent goal-scoring situation?

I’m also going to say it loud and clear. Ditch the old-style sweaters, end the centennial celebrations, put the big crests back at centre ice, and stop the madness now. How long are we going to have a 100-year birthday party? For 102 years? Maybe 103?

Random Notes:

Scott Gomez had a clear-cut breakaway and didn’t score.

Mike Cammalleri had a semi-breakaway and ……yes, you’re right.

Jaroslav Halak was fine in nets, stopping 30 saves. But Newton’s Law says that if your team doesn’t score a goal, you can’t win. Or was it Toe Blake?

Canadiens in Phoenix on Thursday. The Habs are always a big draw in the southwest, so in Phoenix, there should be at lest 6 or 7 thousand fans in the stands!

3 thoughts on “My Titles Can Get Quite Boring When The Team Stinks”

  1. Hey Dennis….my team stunk pretty-much “big time” last night as well. Hopefully your Habs can get it done in Phoenix, I think my team thought they were going on a roadtrip……next holiday stop–Detroit. Hey, DK what kindda truth do you think there are to the rumours of Forsberg re-entering the NHL? In Montreal? In Vanc.? Colorado?

  2. Forsberg? I think he should just pack it in. I know if I was GM I wouldn’t spend the million or whatever. You don’t know what you’re getting. And Jan, about your team the Canucks getting slaughtered – it’s payback for them beating the Habs 7-1. Karma.

  3. I agree, and agree and agree some more. What’s up with everyone being in a slump at the same time. If I was an NHL goalie, I would love to play the Habs. This team seems to always have a “hot” goalie to play against. Is it me or Latendresse, Lapierre, AK and Pacioretty have totally forgotten how to play? Outside of the big (small) four, Gomez, Cammy, Gionta and Pleks, no one else seems to be able to do anything at all with the puck. I refuse to believe that JM is the problem. Latendresse is going around in circle and hits like he does not want to hurt anyone. Makes no wonder he has a few hits a game, he is constantly second on the puck. The team is too soft and something has to be done about that. We know Laraque is AWOL so let’s bring Neilsen in pronto.

    Enough with the centennial stuff already. They are beating a dead horse to death. Let’s put all those vintage sweaters away and start playing hockey for the love of God.

    Feels good to vent.

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