My Thoughts Are With The Bruins

Bruins win the game three race, shutting out Tampa Bay 2-0, and there’s not a lot to say really. All I know is, when I see Tim Thomas I think of him crying about PK Subban after the Bruins had eliminated the Habs. When I see Andrew Ference, who scored Boston’s second goal, I think of him giving Bell Centre fans, including women and children, the finger. When I see Milan Lucic I think of the time he tried to pick fights in the third period after Max Pacioretty was almost killed in the second. When I see Mark Recchi, I think of doctors. When I see Zdeno Chara, I think that he’d be a very average player if he didn’t have his size.

And when I think of Brad Marchand, I have a hard time holding down my supper.

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