My Spare Room

My house is small, but at least there’s a spare room. And the spare room was empty.

So I filled it up.

Canadiens sweaters (boy's sizes) from the 1930's to the 1960's, along with equipment from the 1950's. I collect this kind of thing because it reminds me of childhood playing road hockey and on outdoor rinks. In the display case sits a game-used Jean Beliveau stick and a team-signed, game-used Billy Reay stick from 1947.


On this shelf, among others things, are a collection of 100 year old popcorn boxes. (Don't ask) Also, the stick standing there is a Wayne Gretzky game-used stick from his first few months in LA after he was traded from Edmonton.


1944-45 Habs, game eight 1972 Summit Series ticket stub, and the Rocket and son Normand


20 thoughts on “My Spare Room”

  1. An impressive testament to years of dedicated support.

    But is it wrong of me to worry about how long the careful dusting of that room must take?

    Should we organize a rota?

  2. Blue Bayou, I try not to think about the dusting. Now that you’ve brought it up, I suppose I should get in there and do it. Thanks a lot. You’ve just ruined my day.

  3. Robert, thanks. It’s a great room and I’m proud of it. I just didn’t leave a lot of room for other things, like furniture. Oh well.

  4. That’s your room when you move in, Hobo. But there’s not a lot of room to sleep. But sleeping’s overrated anyway.

  5. Living room is for sitting down, bedroom is for lying down. This room is for standing and appreciating the greatness.

    Is it safe to leave Gaston sitting unshackled under the big painting?

    I understand the Louvre is trying to swap the Mona Lisa for a few of these treasures. But she won’t go anywhere near Gaston. She’s heard what he does to poor defenceless women.

  6. Christopher, you spotted the little bugger! I’m not worried about him. He’s usually too drunk to do anything. Thanks for the close look. And PS, the Louvre can’t have these. No way. I’m not putting the Rocket along side a bunch of nudes.

  7. Grrrreg, just come and visit me and I’ll show you! Much of my stuff is in boxes too. Just no room. I also sold a lot a few years ago on eBay.

  8. Dennis, all the glory displayed in your wonderful room is enough to make a Leaf fan curl up and die. Be careful who you invite into your room…

  9. Well done Dennis. Truly inspiring. You will lots of room to display more of your collection when you are the owner.

    I think you need a Canadiens bar in your great room, though.

  10. Dennis, I’m busy as a one-eyed dog in a sausage factory, but fine otherwise. Ready for the puck to drop! Go team!!!!! Oh Canada!!!

  11. jeez, what type of guy would want a room full of sports memorabilia? Just joking Dennis. Hard luck in toronto tonight. You guys have 81 games to make it up!

  12. Wow, impressive… the only thing missing are original legs for your red Forum seat… (and I have them) Robert

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