My Personal Russian Scout Says Emelin Is…….

My stepson Denis in St. Petersburg, Russia follows hockey as much as anyone, and so I asked him how he felt about Alexei Yemelin, who is expected to join the Habs blueline corps and become a force to be reckoned with. Denis’ English isn’t exactly perfect, but here’s his reply verbatim. Thanks, Denis.

“He is one of my favourite players of a national team (He is and Radulov too)!
He is really gooooooood!!!”

“Very important advantage is ability to score important goals!
Very well-aimed and power slap shot.
He is well connected in attack.
Good speed
Sees game, plays at a command.”

3 thoughts on “My Personal Russian Scout Says Emelin Is…….”

  1. I like Denis’ scouting report and thank him for it.

    We are going to have an awesome team this year and maybe, just maybe we will be going ALL THE WAY!

    As they say in Montreal…

    Ça sent la coupe!

  2. I think we are too, Danno. As I’ve been doing those Extra, Extra stories from the papers of Cups wins, I was reminded that it can be won even without a fancy star-studded lineup. Like in ’86 and ’93. If everyone does their job and the plumbers plumb, it can happen. I want to see a little more toughness (Yemelin), and a few less slumps. It’s going to be a great season. And thanks for saying that about Denis. He’s just a great guy and he and his wife and daughter, along with my other stepson, (Denis’ brother) are planning on coming here next April. We’re in the process of doing paperwork now. It’s going to be a full house but Luciena will be the happiest gal in the west.

  3. I believe we are going to take everyone by surprise. People are expecting us to be borderline mundane but I think we’ll be far from it. Cole, Pacioretty, Yemelin, Diaz, a healthy Markov and Georges and Cammy are our wildcards.

    I suspect there may be some rough going at first but we’ll pick it up. I bet by mid-season we’ll be the team everyone is talking about. They’ll all say how we took them by surprise but we knew it all along.

    Thank your stepson for his scouting report. Did he ever see Diaz in action?

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