6 thoughts on “My Oldest Program: 1925-26 Ottawa Senators Vs. Stanley Cup Champion Victoria Cougars”

  1. Hey Dennis.
    The truth comes out. I knew you were a true Sens fan at heart. An original Ottawa Senators program. PRICELESS!!!!!!!
    Cheers JW.

  2. Dennis.
    Crazy Marc is still crazy after all these years…. And a Flyers fan too!!! That will never change. Still working nights…..that will never change…..stilll single….that will never change…..and happy as hell that you can now get Kokannee here in Ontario. And Heather says Hi!!!
    Cheers JW.

  3. JW, please say hi to Marc and give him shit that he hasn’t emailed me. And hi to Heather as well. I’m sure she’s looking just as great as when I saw her last.

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