My New Old Ride!

The Ford Motor Company began in 1903, but before that, in 1896, Henry Ford was bombing around in his newly-built Quadricycle, named for the bicycle-like tires.

Which brings me to my new ride, which is loosely based on Henry’s.

Probably built in 1953 to commemorate the Ford Company’s 50 years, my new/old pedal car was used as a Ford dealership promotion, later to be won in a raffle by an elderly lady in Indiana, and finally ending up with a lovely couple in their ’80s in Revelstoke who had owned an antique store for years.

It’s very rare,  has been kept under a blanket in the antique store basement, and is the only one the previous owner had ever seen, although he’s had dozens of other types over the years, including 28 different ones at one time.

But not like this one, and he held onto it after slowly selling the others.

I’ve searched the internet and found a couple of others, but mine is in much better shape than those. One fellow online thought only three had ever been made, but I question that.

Anyway, here’s my new ride. It has a few scratches and dents and a couple of other minor issues, but so do I, although mine are much more.

If I keep losing weight, maybe I can take it for a spin.

Finally, another example of a real Quadricycle.



4 thoughts on “My New Old Ride!”

  1. Gorgeous!…what a ride!…even room for a two-four on ice in the back trunk..,the description of it being a two seat roundabout is a bit misleading…unless you have your daughter on your lap…thanks for sharing.
    Now if you can find a Zamboni pedal car. can fans pick the 84/85 Oilers as the greatest NHL Stanley Cup winners ever…i’ll take the Habs 56/57 anytime over the Oiler’s of the 80’s.
    Pretty sure that the payroll of that complete Habs team was less than Gretzky’s.
    Enjoy your summer!

  2. Ed, those ‘greatest team’ picks are just wrong. For sure, a couple of Habs teams from the late ’50s and ’70s deserve the title over any other. There’s no doubt in my mind.

  3. Hey Dennis. Heather prefers her 91 Trans Am GTA cruising down the 417…Pepsi in hand. And yes…. we still have it!!!!!!! All 55,000 k on the dial.

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