6 thoughts on “My New Favourite Video”

  1. Thanks Dennis. I think someone should send this video to all the players. They’d never be able to let these kids down after watching it.

    Gail said it would have been funny to have a kid in a Leafs sweater – with a black eye! 🙂

  2. Marjo, that’s one of the most delightful pieces of fun I’ve ever seen. Just love it. Of course, I’m sure some Bruins, Leafs, Flyers etc. fans aren’t all that crazy about it.

  3. They’ll rip it to the moon and back with nasty,hateful, prejudice remarks. Who knows, maybe they’ll stop themselves because they’re kids.

    Did you know that the Bruins have ONE Amrican player? Tim Thomas. The rest are Canadian peppered with a little European. Go USA!

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