My Friend Said A Penguins Sweep.


A friend came up to me at work and said, “What d’ya think, four straight?” For who, I asked, Detroit? And he said no, Pittsburgh.

The more I thought about his prediction of four straight for Pittsburgh, the more I though he’d been smoking too much Texada Timewarp. I can see what he was thinking though, after Crosby and Malkin had their way with Washington and Carolina. But this is Detroit the Penguins are up against now. The defending Stanley Cup champs. A team of solid lines and solid defence, and a team of experienced stars like Nik Lidstrom, Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk, Johan Franzen, Marian Hossa, Jiri Hudler, Brian Rafalski, and type A role players like Dan Cleary and Darren Helm.

The Penguins have two of the best of course, with Crosby and Malkin, aided by Jordan Staal, Bill Guerin, and a remaining cast that’s good but doesn’t measure up, at least on paper, with Detroit. I can’t see Crosby and Malkin having their way with this bunch like they did with others.

So no sweep by Pittsburgh. My friend’s so wrong he should get down on his knees and apologize to the hockey gods.  Detroit has a great team and I think they’ll win it all. Game one’s in the books now, 3-1 for Detroit, and who knows, this series could be short and sweet.

By the way, the photo above is of the 1957-58 Wings. They won nothing that year because the Montreal Canadiens were winning everything. This was the middle of five straight Stanley Cups for Montreal. Detroit and everybody else never stood a chance.

6 thoughts on “My Friend Said A Penguins Sweep.”

  1. I’m not sure what Pittsburgh takes away from this game other than the hope that the older Wings will feel it more come tomorrow night’s game.
    Am I wrong or was Malkin not really much of a factor tonight?
    Also it seems to me that a lot of people hate Crosby the same way we all hated Gretzky back in the day. You know, he dives, he whines to the refs. Complaints heard numerous times against both players. I find that interesting and it actually allows me to appreciate Crosby more. Tonight I was very impressed with his effort. He even went down at the side of the net to block the puck. The only thing I still don’t like about him is that he’s not a Hab!

  2. yeah, Malkin did very little tonight. And remember when the Habs were one of five teams in the lottery for the first pick, which was Crosby. It’s was exciting until Montreal was given number five. Getting Crosby in Montreal would certainly have changed the climate.

  3. I would love to see Sid in a Habs jersey. He was a Habs fan growing up, you never know, I think he signed a six year contract with the Pens. He’s set for life money wise, maybe the hockey Gods will smile on us one day. Malkin reminds me a lot of Kovalev, birds of a feather. I’m predicting Pens in seven, even if Detroit wins tonight the Pens are not quitters.

  4. I didn’t think pittsburgh had a chance until the media kept harping on about the islanders/oilers series. Thankfully after game one I still think detroit is in a class all its own.

  5. I just think Detroit has too much depth, experience, and poise. It’ll be interesting to see if Pittsburgh can make this a series.

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