My Evil Thoughts About Detroit, Which I Feel Bad About…Plus…What It’s Going To Take For The Habs To Do It.

Pittsburgh doesn’t worry me. Either does Boston, or Buffalo, or Tampa Bay, or the Rangers. Calgary doesn’t worry me, or Dallas, Anaheim, Vancouver, and Colorado.


In fact, no team worries me about getting in the way of Montreal’s big season. Except Detroit. They worry me. Not a lot, mind you. Montreal will take out any team. This is the year.


But Detroit is a concern.


It isn’t even so much that the Wings landed Marion Hossa. And I’m not at all concerned about Kris Draper and Tomas Holmstrom or most of this team for that matter, including Johan Franzen, who is probably just a one-hit wonder like Iron Butterfly was with In-A-Gadda-Da-Vita.


 It’s three other guys in the Motor City I’m not crazy about.


I’m hoping Nick Lidstrom pulls a hamstring. Maybe a couple of times. And maybe Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg could break a finger or two. Nothing serious, just a finger. Even a pinky finger. They can still make whoopee with their wives. They just can’t shoot the puck.


But regardless.


This is the Year of the Habs. And all that needs to happen is this:


Carey Price, with a year under his belt, can’t be tired at the end of the regular season, and his confidence can’t take a nap at any stage in the year.


The defence, led by Mike Komisarek and Andrei Markov, has to play mean and ugly and dangerous. And this also means Ryan O’Byrne. He in particular has to play with an edge that scares the bejeesus out of opposing players. 


Up front, Saku Koivu needs to have one of his best years ever. Alex Kovalev has to take his magic into the playoffs. And Tomas Plekanec needs to become a household name throughout the league.


Alex Tanguay has to play like he’s been a Hab for years.


It’s time for Chris Higgins to become a real star this year. A big star. A huge star.


The Kostitsyn boys have to continue to blossom, as they’re expected to do.


Robert Lang has to make us all forget what Mats Sundin might have done in Montreal and be the final piece of the puzzle that’s been missing.


Guillaume Latendresse has to finally become a player. It’s time. We’ve been waiting patiently. 


Tom Kostopoulos, Steve Begin, Josh Gorges, Francis Bouillon and the rest just need to keep doing what they did last year because they were great.


Georges Laraque has to become the new John Ferguson.


The team needs to have a very fine power play again, like last year. And they have to score a lot of goals, like last year.


And they have to be stingy with goals against.


Youppi has to relive past glory and become the mascot he was with the Expos.


The Ole song must only be sung when the team’s about to win, not when it’s close.


And everyone, please stay healthy. (I’ve noticed that Koivu and Laraque are already nursing minor injuries.)


And that’s it. It’s simple!


Pre-season update:

The boys lose big to Boston 8-3, but take out Buffalo in Roberval, 3-2.

And with those cameras so low at the Roberval arena, it felt like we were there, in about the fourth row. It reminded me of the outdoor game in Edmonton a few years back


















9 thoughts on “My Evil Thoughts About Detroit, Which I Feel Bad About…Plus…What It’s Going To Take For The Habs To Do It.”

  1. Actually the 100 year anniversary of the Habs is the 2009-10 season and not this season.
    The Marketing department of the Habs have done a fairly good job in celebrating the festivities a year earlier by gouging our wallets this year for fans to purchase merchandise of all kinds.
    I feel we’ll finish in 4th place in the East. The celebrations can be good or bad for us this year, and I see it being a distraction for the players and high expectations for them this season to win the Cup.
    Will they win the Cup this year? Nope, but I see them winning the Cup next year, the true 100 year anniversary season of Les Canadiens!

  2. The debate about the 100 years carries on, but here’s what I believe it is. The Habs were formed in 1909 in a hotel room, and began play in early 1910. So if you count the years they played starting with 1909-10, and ending in 2008-09, it’s 100 years.
    And never mind about the lockout. The teams were still in business, doing the day-to-day thing.
    As far as your predictions, I’m more optimistic than that.

  3. “Pittsburgh doesn’t worry me. Either does Boston, or Buffalo, or Tampa Bay, or the Rangers. Calgary doesn’t worry me, or Dallas, Anaheim, Vancouver, and Colorado.”

    You failed to mention Philly, I think they will be among the top of the East, perhaps ahead of the Habs. Montreal and the Flyers have had the best defense in the East for the past 2 years, and if injuries don’t cripple their defense in the post season…Look Out.

  4. I just threw a bunch of teams out there for examples. I mentioned after that that no team etc.
    So I wasn’t saying any team in particular. Yep, the Flyers will be tough.

  5. I’m somewhat less confident than you, Dennis, that we will be that good. A lot of teams are coming on and so it will be crucial for our younger players to step up. Still, I think we will be up there only we will have to continue to improve and be better than we were last year if we hope to compete for the cup.

  6. p.s. Topham’s blog evaluating the Hab’s centres and our depth in the position was excellent and I’m looking forward to see what he has to say about the rest of the team. Reading it certainly encourages me that our chances are pretty good … although I’m not convinced that we can throw off the crippling apathy that has led us to be satisfied with a team that merely makes the playoffs, that hasn’t won a cup in 15 years, that has led us to retire a sweater that does not deserve to be up there – yes, Topham and I disagree .. again. No wonder the Ghosts haven’t moved to their new digs.

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