My Dad Came From The Days When Hockey On The Radio Was Just As Good Seeing It On High Definition

My dad was born in 1920. He’ll be 88 in a couple of months.


He told me yesterday he really misses hockey from days gone by. About Foster Hewitt on the radio on Saturday night, telling him how Turk Broda was making a sprawling save, about Blake and Richard, Bill Barilko and Busher Jackson and all the grand old players from way back when.


Saturday night was a big night, he said. And when television came along, the only problem was the game started at the beginning of the second period.


After that he said he didn’t understand all the money players are making now.


Then we changed the subject and went on about chasing Nazi war criminals in South America.

One thought on “My Dad Came From The Days When Hockey On The Radio Was Just As Good Seeing It On High Definition”

  1. DK,

    Ahhh yes, the imagination is a wonderful thing. What’s real? The inside depicting the outside or the the outside shaping the inside or some kind of fusion between the two? Used to be the best show in town went on inside one’s head. If nothing else a tube radio and a half-decent announcer lit up the imagination in a way that doesn’t happen today. Now, rather than inside-out it’s all outside-in … does this mean that people do not participate actively in their own entertainment? A lot of talk about visualization but, hell, that’s what everybody did when they got past the static. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Dunno. I suppose there is the possibility of vaulting into surrealism but that existed pre-xbox as well. As for virtual reality, I’m not sure how that works? Does one get to create the `reality’ in which they move? If so, that would be interesting, learning how to construct possible worlds. I know that a problem with some `gamers’ is that they so immerse themselves in their game that it becomes more real to them than the outside world in which it is located. In any case, I imagine that the memory works pretty much the same whether you’re on ice with le gros Bill or zapping some alien in X-land – in many ways it is more vivid, more exciting, more `real’ than mundane daily life.

    So, Corey Locke is gone. Too bad, I was hoping the little guy would be a Hab because I think he is a talented & gritty player who will help the Wild if given the chance which we didn’t (couldn’t?). As for Belle, he looked good in the world jr championship and he’s coming to that age when most defencemen start to show whether they can make the leap or not. He’s big & strong and maybe will make it. I hope so. All the best to both young men.

    So, Ted is gone from the Island. Philosophical differences? Don’t get it. The dood knows his hockey and seems to have good success with the mediocre material they give him to work with. Help us out here, la P – something `more’ we should know? Hehe, besides the fact that he is `cute’ in a sorta lived-in rugged way.

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