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  1. I’ve met Carey Price twice. Once, in his rookie season (and mine!) he stopped to take a photo with me after a Canadiens practice. He was still wearing a mask and didn’t say a word to me, but I was over the moon. I met Josh Gorges that day as well: friendly, patient, and an all-around sweetheart, it’s no surprise that his name was on the list of potential captains.

    The second time I met Carey Price was when he came to shop at a downtown store I used to work at. It was before Christmas and his parents were in town. He asked me for a movie that had just been released, and we’d sold out of the Blu-Ray earlier in the day. Obviously by that point I was sick of telling customers we didn’t have any more in stock, but for Carey Price? I put on my biggest smile and genuinely apologized. I think. I’m not really sure, because it’s kind of a blur and I think I was blushing the entire time. Yes, I am that easily starstruck. But Carey Price (and his mommy!) looked at me and spoke to me, so that one busy day in the holiday shopping season didn’t seem so bad.

  2. Hi Dennis

    I have met a few NHL stars throughout the years. I have met Henri Richard, Jean Beliveau, Larry Robinson, the Mahovolich Brothers, Pat Burns, Scott Stevens, Dave Andrychuk(sp), Doug Riseborough, Guy Lapointe, Khabbibulin, Chris King, and a number of others.

    But the best story has to be when I brought my son (the leaf fan) to get an autograph from Mike Craig – not a star by any means. Mike looked like he had been through the wars – his nose was broken, he had a cut across the bridge of his nose, black eye the whole works. Anyways as we were waiting in line, my son (about 6 years of age at the time) was asking me questions about what happened to his face. When we got to the front of the line, I told him about my sons questions – apparently he got cross checked in the face during the previous gam. My son asked the question – did it hurt – Mike thought that was pretty funny and said yes it did.. Now being 6 my son then asked did you cry? By now the people around were trying not to laugh out loud as you can imagine. God love him – Mike did not laugh – but took a minute and said do you promise not to tell – Son: yeah Mike – I did, a little, but no one saw. I think that was a wonderful answer – My son James came away with the autograph and a minor lesson in life courtesy of Mike Craig.

  3. Cool, Rookie. The first time, when he didn’t talk to you, did you feel put off or you didn’t mind?

  4. From NHL History Girl on Twitter
    NHLhistorygirl @DennisKane I’ve met Bob Gainey, Jacques Demers and been punched in the arm by Mario Tremblay.

  5. From David Byle on Twitter
    @DennisKane I’ve met Beliveau, Lafleur, Lach, Gainey and there’s a picture of me with Gretzky from when I was about four

  6. My best friend in Powell River was Gary Lupul but he passed away. I drank beer with Aurele Joliat and chatted with the Rocket.

  7. 1972, peewee’s getting ready for a game, and Claude Larose
    walked into the room. We were freaked. He stayed for our whole game.

  8. one x-mas my bros. and i went to eddie shacks christmas trees to get a tree for my mom complete with ticket for a free case of “pop shop” pop which eddie had a part in. when we went to get our free case of pop after the new year they told us the ticket had expired. the fine print said we needed to redeem the ticket within the calender year which left us 7 days, minus christmas, boxing day and sunday….. thanx eddie

    remember when your brother joel went to a leaf-sabre game when he was a kid and came away thinking eddie shack was the fastest man alive….. he was fast alright

  9. A number of years back during the first lockout, my brother and I had to have been about 4 and 6. Toronto and Montreal were playing a charity game at the Town of Mount Royal arena in Montreal. I don’t know how our parents got us the opportunity but the both of us(along with others) got the chance to take a shot on Patrick Roy and Felix Potvin. To his credit, I went in as fast as my 4 year old legs could carry me, Roy went down into his crouch and as I got closer he just kept moving over until I had all but an open net. I swung wildly at the puck and…. missed the net. I wish I could say I scored on him but I didn’t. It was still a class move from him and after the game he sought out our family to say hello, and give me a few consoling words.

  10. another shack story. we would run into eddie at various gigs we did. one night we were playing in bala, muskoka. after sound check we went to a bar and eddie was there having a few with a bunch of friends. he invited us to join them, which of course we did knowing it would be a laugh. eddie was well on his way and every time he would lift a glass of beer to drain it he would yell,”clear the track” and down it. coming right from him that line was especially funny.

  11. Dennis, to answer your question, I was a little disappointed he didn’t speak (I had no idea whether he’d heard me ask for a picture until he stopped to pose next to me, and he walked away quite quickly, so I didn’t get to thank him) but I was also a little bit surprised that I came close to Carey Price at all.

  12. Rookie, I’ve heard that Carey Price has a relative in Powell River and comes here from time to time. Maybe I can buy him a beer. Or maybe he can buy me a beer!

  13. Basha, what a cool story. I think it was nice of him too to let you do that. What a great memory and thanks for sharing.

  14. Yeah, Hobo, that was real generous of him to give you so much time to get your pop. But that’s Eddie, a wheeler and dealer. Eddie could really fly. He didn’t know where he was going and often forgot the puck, but he could really go.

  15. Marc, meeting Ali is a huge accomplishment. Way to go. You’re absolutely right – bigger than life. Thanks for this. I followed Ali all of his career, beginning with the Liston fights when he was still Cassius Clay. I think the only fighter who had a similar style was Joe Louis and I think Ali, in his prime, was the best ever.

  16. Claude Larose was a favourite of mine, Marc. When I was about 12 I met a new guy in town at church with the last name Larose who had just moved to Orillia and I asked him if he was related to Claude Larose. Of course he said yes and I wanted this kid to be my friend because of this. I never did find out if he was telling me the truth or not because at some point not long after, he moved away.

  17. Oh man, I wish I had a cool story too! Well, I haven’t met anyone personally (maybe I have but I don’t know about it?) but my dad works at Pearson Airport in Toronto and he sees the Stanley Cup pretty much every time it leaves Toronto. He’s handled it so many times without a care. I was like, “Dad, do you know how much that trophy means to us?!” He’s also met Pat Quinn, probably a few of those Leafs, and he’s met Glenn Healy from HNIC. Glenn was going to Philadelphia for a playoff game in May.

    [Hope I haven’t revealed too much about myself here. *hides*]

  18. Habby, that is a cool story and fits nicely. And please tell your dad to send it to Montreal next time he gets his hands on it. Thanks for this. I enjoyed it very much.

  19. Habby does the Stanley Cup go as cargo with all the other luggage that gets lost or does it get its own seat.

    Dennis, I don’t think I’ve met anyone famous. I do know a trick to meeting some ex-Canadiens. Retire to one of the Réseau Sélection retirement residences or make friends with someone who has. Once or twice a year they have a ball where a few players will show up. My uncle and aunt lives in one of the buildings and have met Henri Richard, Yvan Cournoyer and Réjean Houle. My mother went with them once and told Cournoyer and/or Houle that I was a big fan. They’ll remember her, she leaves lasting impressions.

    Imagine if Beliveau lived in one of these buildings, you could be eating breakfast with him.

  20. Chris. That’s a good idea. My wife works at one and the residents are allowed to drink beer. So all I’d do all day is drink beer, flirt with the old chicks, and watch TV!

  21. Met Bob Gainey on Rene Leveque the Sunday morning after a loss to the Leafs in 2008.He was on his way to the Bell Center and asked us where we were from. I said Ottawa. He apologized to us for the loss, saying we was sorry for us coming down the 417 for nothing. LOL Class act.

  22. Great story, Tony. I’ve always thought Gainey was a down-to-earth type of guy and he shows it here. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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