My Brother’s Coming

My brother’s coming to visit me. (He doesn’t like his name mentioned).

It’s the first time ever. He’s driving to Montreal from Orillia, it’ll take about seven hours, and wait till he gets into all the detours in Montreal. I wish I had the contract for making those orange detour signs. There’s about a million of them, so I suppose I’d be a millionaire. Maybe it’s not too late.

My brother’s screwed with all these detours he’s going to find himself in. But I have his Guinness ready for him and he’ll feel better in no time.

He’s a good guy, my brother. Very successful, with a great wife. He’s about thirteen years younger than me.

He used to be a Habs fan when he was young but somehow hockey never enters his mind now. When he told me what he wanted to do while in Montreal, it involved going to different liquor stores looking for bottles of scotch. He never mentioned the Forum.

He was also a Bobby Orr fan and took these pictures of Orr in Orillia riding donkeys outside the arena. Orr and Mike Walton owned a hockey camp near Orillia back then.

My brother should be here in a few hours. I suppose to pass the time I could start drinking his Guinness’.


5 thoughts on “My Brother’s Coming”

  1. Hey Dennis. Didn’t have the contract ourselves, but I wouldn’t be surprised if those detour signs were made at P&M when we worked there. They seemed to make just about every other sign. We could have been rich. They’re all over everywhere.

  2. Thanks Ian. He’s here now. Gonna be a nice weekend hanging out with him. Our family isn’t very close but my brother and I have become great friends in this last few years. I really truly love this feeling.

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