Must Have Been Tough To Be Both A Habs Fan And Revolutionist

Vladimir Lenin was not only a Russian revolutionist and often ruthless tyrant, but he was also a huge Habs fan as discovered recently when workers found artifacts hidden behind the walls of Lenin’s Tomb in Moscow’s Red Square.

Lenin lived until 1924, so would have picked up his Pravda newspaper on the steps outside his three-storey flat in downtown Petrograd and opened it to the sports page to catch up on the heroics of Morenz, Joliat, Cleghorn, and Vezina in the capitalistic and decadent west. He would have got the news late, so when Montreal beat the Calgary Tigers on March 25th, 1924 to win the Stanley Cup, Lenin wouldn’t hear about it for several weeks, well into April.

But I suppose it wouldn’t mattered a whole lot anyway because Vlad had been dead since January of that year. But you get the idea.

(Please note: I know you’re asking yourself right now just how I created this magic. Here’s all you do – take one of your Vladimir Lenin busts or statues that I’m sure you have laying around the house, then remove one Habs folded napkin from package, cut a hole where the neck is, and put on the Lenin bust. It’s that easy).

One thought on “Must Have Been Tough To Be Both A Habs Fan And Revolutionist”

  1. It’s well into April, how can I read about Montreal winning the Stanley Cup now?
    Why do we have to wait 3 days for the next game when they’re not even travelling? I remember teams playing back to back games in the playoffs. You know, the good old days, when June was considered summer and not hockey season.

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