Murphy’s Law Said The Leafs Would Win Tonight. I’d Like To Punch Out Murphy

How depressing is it that the Canadiens lost 3-2 to the Leafs in a shootout Saturday night?

Really freaking depressing.

Of course it would happen after the Leafs Suck So Bad contest wrapped up and after I posted the Tide advertisement and the dubbed Brian Burke press conference. Sure, after a bunch of us had just spent the last 10 days making fun of the boys in blue. And where the heck was Dishonest John’s lucky shirt? What’s going on with that?

It’s enough to drive me to drink.

Naturally the Canadiens would be flat after CBC’s Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, and Glenn Healy spent the first third of the game telling the world how the Leafs didn’t stand much of a chance, especially with Montreal’s formidable power play, which ended up a dismal 1 for 7.

And sure they lost when they had a chance to catapult into fifth place over the Senators and Flyers, both of whom lost tonight. For the Habs, it was a loss that ended a six-game winning streak, and it had to happen against the cellar-dwelling Leafs, who always seem to pull up their socks when they meet Montreal.

Habs were flat for 55 minutes in this game, right up until Brian Gionta tied it with his second goal of the night, but before the goal they were checked into the ground and frustrated time after time. And suddenly, Hughson and company began talking about how small the Habs are which will kill them in the playoffs. At the beginning of the game the Canadiens were a machine. After that they went from heroes to bums for these boys in the booth.

You could say this game was similar to the Canucks losing to the struggling Islanders the other night. But the difference is, the Canucks don’t desperately need points and aren’t fighting for a playoff spot. Vancouver’s sitting pretty while the Habs aren’t.

Random Notes:

Fifth place would’ve been nice. Now we have to wait until Monday when the Senators visit the Bell Centre. And the Habs have one last chance to redeem themselves against the Leafs as the two teams meet again on their final night of the season, on April 10th.

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Photo from fOTOGLIF

14 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law Said The Leafs Would Win Tonight. I’d Like To Punch Out Murphy”

  1. It was definitely a new sensation listening to a Habs-Leafs game where the play-by-play wasn’t all about the Leafs and them being just one play away from winning the Stanley Cup.

    Worst of all, this was no way to welcome Diane into the fold.

  2. Leafs win …. Yahoooooooo

    Kessel will finish with 35 goals in injury shortened year …Yahoooo

    Kessel 22 Kulimen 22 Bozak 24 …. Kadri 19 (ripping up OHL ..check it out)

    Maybe just maybe it might be for real …

    Canadian’s ..great goaltending …should go a few rounds ..size will catch up

    p.s Maybe Burke signs Plekanac to centre Kessel ..Oh ya ….

  3. Worst of all Dennis, this had to happen on Diane S’s first night watching a game as a new Habs fan. How could the boys let us down like that?
    Oh well, these things happen. At least we got a loser point for it and we are still in the hunt for bigger and better things. With three weeks and ten games to go. The Habs schedule looks favourable.

    H= Home A= Away:

    Next week: Sens (H), Sabers (A), Panthers (H), Devils (H).

    Following week: Hurricanes (H), Flyers (A), Sabres (H).

    Last week: Islanders (A), Hurricanes (A), Leafs (H).

    I like the drama this game build up for the final game where we will finally crush the Leafs like little bugs in the Bell Centre.

  4. Habs should beat Senators with your goaltending and discipline …..

    Ottawa fans are really getting worried ….

  5. I may be trying to rationalize here but I think my lucky shirt still came through for us. No really! You see it’s one thing to wear the shirt in the safe confines of my house but last night I wore TLS (the lucky shirt) in enemy territory. It was a family gathering at my in-laws. My father-in-law is a huge leaf fan, heck he still thinks there are only 6 teams. So given the extreme conditions I thnk TLS actually came through and provided us with an important point. At least that’s my story.

  6. Dennis,I watched from when the Habs tied it up, went into overtime and then the shootout. It was a good battle and I was cheering for them to win it …I really thought that they would pull it off. Yes, I said I was cheering for the Habs. The upside is the fact that you do need that point.
    Way to go dishonest john…this honesty enlightens!
    By the way, Dennis… the Leafs still suck…just maybe not in this shootout so much.

  7. I like this schedule, Danno. If all goes well, if the shirt isn’t washed, and if the power play gets back on track, we could win maybe 7 of 10. Is that asking too much? What about 8 of 10?

  8. Anvilcloud, we haven’t played well against the Sens, you’re right. Their goalies always seem to play like Jacques Plante and Terry Sawchuk reincarnated. But we didn’t play well on Saturday and hopefully it’s a bit of a wakeup call. And I’m nervous for the fact that Ottawa has lost about seven straight and are bound to win one. It better not be on Monday, that’s all. It’s going to be very interesting. Plus, previously against Ottawa we didn’t have Dishonest John’s lucky shirt.

  9. Dishonest John, I’m quite upset with the shirt right now. But I am willing to cut it some slack because of the extreme conditions. We did get a point. I’m just not sure you should be going to any more family gatherings on Habs nights. It’s something you might want to discuss with your wife.

  10. Jan, did you see what Diane did? She’s become a Habs fan in Boston and I see no reason why you can’t take her example. You would be an excellent Habs fan and you’d get a big write-up in And the Canucks? Nobody cheers for the Canucks. Just a couple of tree-huggers in Stanley Park and Gordon Campbell. Imagine how your life would change.

  11. DJ, TLS could not help it if we got a bad call on Toronto’s first goal. The way I see it, Halak was right to complain about goalie interference on Tyler Bozak’s goal. Somebody was holding his stick as far as I could see. It’s not the shirt’s fault the refs did not disallow a goal that shouldn’t have counted. So DJ, I’m sorry if I doubted you and TLS. Leafs were just lucky that’s all.

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