Murphy Would Be Proud


This photo of Murphy was sent to me from an old friend who passed it on from a friend of his named Kay, a Habs fan who apparently reads my blog but didn’t know if she should send it or not.

No one should ever feel they shouldn’t send stuff like this to me. It’s always appreciated, and if anyone else has a picture of their pet dressed in Habs clothes, what are you waiting for?

Murphy passed away two years ago, and when I look at his picture, it makes me sad that he can’t see the terrific and exciting team on the ice now. He’d be so proud.

He was never able to watch PK come into his own and capture the Norris, or fully enjoy Carey Price, or love what Brendan Gallagher does, or see Max score 39. Or lay at Kay’s feet and watch his Habs seriously compete for all the marbles.

He came from a different generation, when the sky wasn’t the limit like it is now.

When Murphy wasn’t chasing squirrels and getting excited when his folks came home, he had to endure the Gomez years. The Kostitsyn years. The Samsonov, Laraque, Komisarek, Kaberle years. The years when even the Leafs were better.

He was a frisky young Habs fan when his team didn’t make the playoffs four out of five years in the late-’90s-early-2000s and then again in 2006-07. He endured such bleak days.

Kay might have told him there were times when he was young when the team was losing money and in disarray, and it was probably enough to drive him to drink out of the toilet more than usual and take no bullshit from the cat.

Murphy lived through trying times but he still wore the sweater. If only he could’ve held on for a few more years. He’d be so happy.


10 thoughts on “Murphy Would Be Proud”

  1. Awesome pup! His legacy lives on a my house with a one-year old Cavalier named “Habs!” He understands what taking a “chris neil” is….

  2. As a dog lover, I can say that dogs are family members. Losing one is heart-breaking, even though when we get them, we all know how it’s going to “end”.

  3. For sure Ian. And not just dogs but any pet. I’m a dog lover but have a cat for the first time in my life and truly love it as much as any dog I’ve ever had.To lose her would be very hard. She doesn’t watch hockey though. Seems to prefer baseball.

  4. Beautiful, Mike. A Habs fan Cavalier in the deep south named Habs. That’s as good as it gets.

  5. Awe…thanks to all involved….Dennis, the friend who passed it on to Dennis, Kay and her beloved Murphy. Brought tears to my eyes. “The sky is the limit” šŸ™‚

  6. Poor Murphy!

    One human Gomez year equals seven dog Gomez years…

    That’s 21 Gomez years!

    It’s enough to make you howl!

  7. Mayo, I think that by playing Murray again, it gives him the vote of confidence and he will not let the CH down in Beantown.

    We got Boston sucking their thumb right now as far as I’m concerned. If in the end we lose these series, at least we have the satisfaction in knowing that we made Boston squirm for 10 days and that puts a smile in my face.

  8. And poor Murphy never got to see the Tawny Headed Mountain Finch circling the house after some Habs win.

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