Muddy The Habs Dog

Hobo sends this along about Muddy Water, his handsome Habs dog and protector of Habs slippers. I’ve met Muddy, and he is a fine specimen indeed.

Muddy is named after the great bluesman, and if you’re saying, hey wait a minute, it’s Muddy Waters, not Muddy Water, Hobo explains: “No “s’ at the end of Water.  Muddy, the blues guy, spelled it without an “s” but when his first record came out they made it “Waters’ on the label.  The rest, as they say, is history.”

Here’s Hobo:

This is my 5 yr. old Chesapeake Bay retriever, Muddy Water. He is pictured here guarding the Habs slippers awaiting the next visit of Dennis and Luciena to his home. Chesapeakes are very protective of house and family so you can bet nary an infidel Leaf fan will get within a coyote’s breath of the sacred slippers.

Muddy is a big Habs fan and sits by my side and watches all the games. He doesn’t seem to mind when I shout and wave my arms at the screen like an idiot, however, he gets a little anxious when I start dropping F-bombs all over the place, which didn’t happen as often towards the end of the season.

His favourite Hab is Erik Cole and not just because Erik is American-born like himself, but because he feels Erik displays true Chesapeake traits and characteristics – undying loyalty, brute strength, blinding speed, relentless tenacity, and a willfulness to reach his objective no matter the obstacle.

Mud would like to see the 25th Stanley Cup banner raised to the rafters at Centre Bell in his lifetime, which isn’t very long, so get it together boys.

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  1. I’ve been with Muddy and Hobo on many occasions and after scouting Muddy,I”d say he has has the speed of “The Flower”the stength Of Butch Bouchard and the determination of Larry Big Bird Robinson.Believe me nobody is going to get those slippers from Muddy.

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