Much Better

A nice display by the Canadiens Saturday evening as the team dominated and controlled throughout, and a 5-1 lopsided affair re-affirms that the sky isn’t falling and the world isn’t about to end anytime soon.

At least until December 21, 2012, which is when the world comes to an end according to some.

But aside from the fact that the team played well with Scott Gomez continuing along his comeback trail, it’s the antics of Tampa’s Ryan Malone that need to be discussed. The league wants to get rid of headshots?  Then we wait for Officer Shanahan to hand down ten big ones to Malone, who was an asshole all evening, but in particular later on when he provided a dangerous head shot to Chris Campoli that had concussion written all over it.

These things are just so ugly and we’re all sick to death of it. Throw the book at him. This was a very similar hit as to what Malone’s ex-teammate Sidney Crosby experienced, and who still remains on the sidelines.

These hits may never stop. Shanahan can suspend half the league and some will still do it. Maybe Sean Avery was right when he said many of the players in the league are quite brain-dead.

Campoli could have been, or even might be, concussed from this play, and it’s his health we worry about first, and then we consider the fact that he’s our Andrei Markov replacement at the moment and we can’t afford to lose him.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out with the league and their ongoing crackdown.

I just glad preseason has now come to an end. I’m tired of it, and we almost lost Gorges the other night when he seemed to twist his knee, and hopefully Campoli says hello to his model girlfriend tonight and remembers her name.

Random Notes:

Brian Gionta opened the scoring while shorthanded when he intercepted a weak Stamkos pass and waltzed in alone. Gomez, Darche, Cole, and Cammalleri were the other Habs marksmen.

Full marks to Josh Gorges for stepping in in support of Campoli. This is leadership and being a team player at its finest.

Nice to see hockey in Quebec, and it’s fairly funny to think that the league might consider abolishing fighting and also might place a team back in Quebec at some point. Because we all know what happens when a team in Quebec and a team in Montreal begin a rivalry. It’s not pretty.

Now we wait for October 6th when the real fun starts. Habs in Toronto. Hopefully Campoli will be there. 


25 thoughts on “Much Better”

  1. Tonight we got to see the good Habs. And we can all breathe a little easier as we look forward to playing the Leafs who ended their preseason by losing to Detroit 4-2.

    Habs win. Leafs lose. And all is well in the universe once again.

    I also liked the way Gorges stood up for Campoli. And it was also nice to see Hal Gill stand up for PK when Malone started gooning it up with him.

    But I think Pierre Gauthier should seriously shop around for a real mean son of a gun to take care of idiots like Malone. We really need one.

    I hope Shanny throws the book at the dirty bastard.

  2. It was really dirty, Danno. Career-ending dirty. The guy was a goof all evening. And yes, it was nice to see Gill throw him around a little. I like your idea best. Get a mean son of a bitch and others might think twice.

  3. campoli had better be able to say hello to his model girl friend and remember her name because pierre ain’t got the stick boy in place to pick up the slack. just what does it take for some people to get it?

  4. Hey Dennis, Never watched the game ,I usually am not to into pre season shit,but after reading you describe Josh Goerge’s team worthy abilties I take off my hat to him.I cant believe that Bob Gainey saw so much in this kids as to trade Craig Rivet for him ,what a gem and something the Habs can be proud of.I’m happy and very optomistic about our team this year,bet you a beer they win their first game.

  5. You missed a good game, Derry. And Gorges made us proud. I just hope Campoli is fine. Maybe he’s got a hard head.

  6. Dennis, I sure hope Chris Campoli is okay too but there’s no word on his condition yet.

    It looks to me as if NHL VP Brendan Shanahan is going to have to give Ryan Malone at least five games off plus a fine after reviewing the tape.

    The hit was obviously intentional and you can see Malone gesturing by giving Campoli the finger after he goes down.

    Frankly, Malone is the type of player who should be kicked out of the league for good.

    It’s just disgusting…

  7. This was an awesome game. The team actually looked dangerous for once. Let’s hope they keep it up and if they do, the rest of the league is in for a hell of a shock. I was even blown away by Gomez. I couldn’t believe it.

    Malone is a jackass and I look forward to his suspension. I’d also like to know what Lecavalier and PK say to each other. They really don’t like each other much.

  8. Hi Dennis,

    Real hockey is five days away, I can hardly wait. I’m like you, I think we have a really good team this year, they’re something to get excited about. If everythig falls into place and the injuries are kept at bay I think they can make a serious cup run. I don’t understand the naysayers either, especially the so-called “experts” who have them finishing out of the playoffs behind the leafs. What are they smokin’?

  9. Danno, I was reading comments at Puck Daddy and so many are about Habs fans whining and how Malone was pretty well innocent of anything and I just want to puke. It was a vicious shot and if it happened to one their players they’d be screaming blue murder. I await anxiously for a suspension.

  10. Darth, they lookked great and even Mike Boone, who said the other day that they were only an middle of the pack team, is saying now that we have a team to be excited about. It’s what we’ve been saying all along.

  11. Hey Moey, they’re smoking Texada Time Warp, from a nearby island here. Has to be that. I can’t wait either. I got sick of preseason real quick. I’m with you – if they can stay healthy and many of them have good years, we are a serious Cup threat. It could be a fun year. First though, we need Malone to get a bunch of games and we need Campoli to be okay.

  12. Agree Dennis, I hope Campy will be okay. I wish Shanahan could retroactively suspend Chara. My other half says he’ll get what’s coming to him one of these days. I sure hope so.

  13. That’s great news Danno, thanks.

    Seeing Gorges step up and fight the much bigger goon Malone is better team building than their bonding retreat in Collingwood. I wish the season started now. This will be four long days of anticipation.

  14. It’s great news, Danno. I just hope he’s feeling good with no headaches or dizziness. And if he’s feeling a little weak, he can stop in at Soldier’s Memorial Hospital in Orillia on the way to Collingwood for some pills!

  15. Chris, “Four Long Days Of Anticipation” sounds like a song or a great song title. “I’ve got….four long days…of an-ti-ci-pation, baby. Ooh baby.”

  16. Danno, I noticed that Malone looked so innocent after, like he didn’t mean it. It was really vicious and we could see through his acting job.

  17. Dennis, the people who put together commercials always try to fool people into thinking they need to use way more product than they really need.

    For example, check out this old ad for Aquafresh toothpaste…

  18. Dennis I sense singer/songwriter/performer is another of your talents. On your next application for stick-boy make sure Canadiens management knows you can also pull double duty as the O’Canada singer.

    Danno, my biggest peeve is the makers of laundry detergent caps. The single load line is typically less than 1/4 of the cap.

  19. Chris and Danno, you probaly know that doctors used to smoke and promote cigarettes, which is really funny.

  20. I hate commericals with a passion (god I can’t stand that McDonald’s Angus Burger one) but I get a kick out of these retro ones. I also hate that damn Coors Light one they have now (which we shall see 100,000,000 times this season).

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