13 thoughts on “Much Better Than Clothes”

  1. Too bad that wasn’t all she was wearing!

    Viggo is such a great fan – he made his other costar wear the jersey! (Keira Knightly). I’d love to sit and have a drink or two with him just to hear what he’s got to say about the team this year.

  2. Randy, I think the red, white and blue really set off her good features. Imagine how unflattering Bruins colours would be.

  3. Nice, Danno. Viggo is my favourite actor. And I want Kirsten to bear my children.

  4. Darth, shocking that you’d want to see her wearing only that. I myself would like to see her wearing only a helmet.

  5. At least we know he isn’t some phony fan.

    Dennis, having a nude woman approach you with a Habs flag on is always a good thing. Hmm, I think I have an idea for opening night this season. Wonder if Molson would go for it? 🙂

  6. Denis, you, Natasha, and Anastasia look great in a Montreal jersey. But Gomez? No way.

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