Mr. Gratton And The Mask

G. Gratton

This is a replica we have at work of Gilles Gratton’s mask, voted by as the NHL’s 4th all-time scariest mask.

Gilles played three seasons in the W.H.A. with the Ottawa Nationals and Toronto Toros, and two seasons in the NHL with St. Louis and the Rangers. Although he got into a tiff in St. Louis and only played six games.

I work with Gilles and he’s a real nice fellow.

He told me his hockey pension is $55 a month.


3 thoughts on “Mr. Gratton And The Mask”

  1. Dennis, Gratoony the Loony’s pension is $55 per month since Alan R Eagleson pocketed all of the cash for his own use. Such a crime.

  2. Pension? What’s a pension?

    We can’t all be senators. Mac Harb gets $122,989 per year, for life, fully indexed. That’s after getting caught ripping us off for years at a do nothing job where he was getting paid $135,200 per year.

  3. Christopher, where do I go to apply to be a senator. Is there an employment office in Rockcliffe?

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