Mr. Goalie

He came to Powell River in 1997 when the Allan Cup was on, and I asked him if I could buy him breakfast the next day. He said sure, we did, we talked hockey, and then I gave him a tour of the area in my little Hyundai Excel.

A real nice fellow, this Western Canadian farmer dubbed “Mr. Goalie”. When I asked him who the greatest ever was, he didn’t even have to think about it. Gordie Howe could do everything better than anybody else, he said, including Gretzky, whom he never played against of course, and Bobby Orr.

Glenn Hall, elected to the Hall of Fame in 1975, was the goalie in nets for the St. Louis Blues when Bobby Orr scored his famous “flying through the air” Stanley Cup winner in the spring of 1970.

Glenn Hall


4 thoughts on “Mr. Goalie”

  1. I think that was so amazing that you got to experience that Dennis. I have a a feeling I’d make an ass out of myself if I tried to do something like this. I’d probably be in so much awe that I wouldn’t be able to speak properly.

    Did you happen to ask him about Orr’s goal? How did he feel about it?

  2. I don’t remember if we talked about that goal or not, Darth. Maybe I was too busy trying to keep ketchup off my face.

  3. I’d be the fool choking on my pancakes!

    Marvelous story. I’ve never told you Dennis, but I’m often envious (not in a bad way) of your tales and travels. You have some really great stories, and this one is right up there!

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