Mr. Departure

I’m certainly ready for tonight’s Habs-Flames tilt at the Cowboy Hat, and I’ve decided my plan of action.

Because I need to give my usual 147% at work tomorrow, it means I need to hit the hay as soon as the Habs win the game. So I’m going to have to work at my game report as things progress and have it done before Carey Price can get his pads off.

Yes it’s a departure from my usual way of doing things. But that’s me – Mr. Departure.

As for tomorrow’s 9:30 eastern time puck drop in Edmonton, I’m still working on it.

First things first. A big win for the Habs in Calgary.

Go Habs! Douse those Flames.

Randon Note:

Apparently no Mike Cammalleri tonight for the Flames. That’s good, I didn’t want to see him anyway. Not that it matters.

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