Gentlemen, Start Your Moving Trucks

It must be a fairly depressing time for players who remain unsigned with their team and their chances of staying in the city they’ve kind of gotten to know are remote at best.

Glen Metropolit, Marc-Andre Bergeron, and Dominic Moore are in sort of no-man’s land right now, the Canadiens don’t seem interested any more, mostly because of cap space, and this is when these players need a strong and loving wife to stand by their side and kids who don’t mind making new friends at a new school. It’s a tough life, but even the lesser-lights are paid more than Barack Obama and Little Stevie Harper so it’s not like they’re working in the coal mines struggling to make the car payment.

With these guys in limbo, it really brings out the sweetness of a long-term contract. Unfortunately, only stars get long-term deals and these guys aren’t stars. Just blue collar guys thinking about where they’re going to live next fall and wondering if the little lady wishes she would have married Henry the insurance salesman instead, the one who never gets traded and plans on living on the old family farm until his and her dying days. And I can’t say for sure but I’m assuming there aren’t a lot of insurance salesman groupies lingering at the bus stop waiting for Henry.

Tom Pyatt is staying, at least for a year, and he’s a good guy to have around, a hard-working plumber who kills penalties and goes about his business while the big stars are catching their breath on the bench for a couple of minutes.

Being a big star would be nice. There’s more money, and you only have to move your family three or four times in a career instead of ten.

And what about guys who are supposed to be stars but play like plumbers? According to the Gazette, Benoit Pouliot will be receiving a contract offer today, and the Habs have taken their sweet time getting around to this. Someone said the other day the team has waited to send a strong message to the guy that they aren’t happy with the way he played for much of last season and all of the playoffs, so he’d better shape up. You’re not chosen 4th overall in the 2005 draft for being just an ordinary player.

But if Pouliot signs with the Habs, it means the title of my June 25th post is premature. It reads, “Pouliot On His Way Out” and he might not be after all. But I’m not slinking into a corner. I’m coming out with the big guns. If the Chicago Daily Tribune can get it wrong, then so can little old me.

The 1948 headline screamed “Dewey Defeats Truman” but the paper had gone to print a few hours before all the votes in the US Presidential election were counted, and in the end, Truman had won and the Tribune had egg all over their face.

Just like me if Pouliot stay with the team.

5 thoughts on “Gentlemen, Start Your Moving Trucks”

  1. I was hoping for a busy July 1st for the Habs. But looks like that’s not gonna be the case. All I know is that, Gauthier has to re-sign Moore, character player, gritty and speedy, that guy’s gotta stay.

  2. Phil, I thought Moore did much more than expected and deserves a contract. Sergei got an offer but he didn’t. Sometimes I don’t understand the politics involved.

  3. Pouliot’s been signed to a one year, $1.35 million contract. =) But you’re right, he needs to step it up a notch or three. This contract will be criticized otherwise.

    Now we’re waiting for Price. Wonder if he gets an offer sheet…

  4. From my understanding Moore is still on the Canadien’s radar. Hopefully Pouliot’s deal doesn’t blow the budget and kill the chance of signing Moore.

    As for Pouliot’s deal, what was Gauthier thinking? I agree he should have been given a qualifying offer. He made about $800K last year, so a qualifying offer would have been under $900K. If Pouliot held out and signed an offer sheet, Montreal would have received either a 2rd round pick or matched and still pay less. At least we know Pouliot has some sense and knew no one would offer him more than this.

    For the money offered to Pouliot, Gauthier could have signed Moore who produced in the play-offs when it counts. Even the order in which Gauthier’s signing players doesn’t make sense to me. Overpaying Pouliot raises the salary expectations of the harder working players. Trading Halak before signing Price gives him all the advantages.

  5. Really well put, Christopher. Holy smokes. You’ve moved up the ladder of the upper-managment team. $1.35 is a lot. It tells players you can underachieve and still get a nice raise. Pouliot better have a better season than last. And Moore? We want Moore. A smart player who had a much better playoffs that Pouliot and Sergei and several others. Gauthier has had us raise our eyebrows a few times now.

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