Moving On, Sort Of

Not all that thrilled with Michel Therrien right now, not that it matters I guess. Of course he could care less what me or anyone else thinks, aside from Marc Bergevin.

The Canadiens played like a frightened, hesitant, overwhelmed team against Philadelphia, and the one time one of them showed some fire and passion, PK Subban, who took a penalty for smacking a guy, the coach sat him on the bench for parts of the third period as punishment.

The one guy who was was actually awake and who may have helped in any sort of comeback attempt. Guys can sleepwalk, not score for fifteen games, and play like they’re hungover, but when PK shows some fire, not long after being named to the Olympic squad which means he’s one of the best of the best, he’s punished like a kid in school.

And Danno brought up a good point about Therrien not pulling Budaj for an extra attacker in the last minute. Therrien said he saw no reason, because the boys weren’t in it anyway. What kind of reasoning is that?

Mike also suggests that maybe those who thought it was wrong to bring in a coach who’d been canned once before by the team might be right after all.

Anyway, moving on. It can’t be healthy to stew for so long like this.

From the CJAD website – a backyard rink in St-Lazare, near Montreal.

rink 1

rink 2

rink 3

rink 4




8 thoughts on “Moving On, Sort Of”

  1. Not pulling Budaj was akin to giving up. MT should pull a game tape from 07-08 where with like 5 minutes left down to the Sabres, Pleky scored a hat trick and the Habs won in regulation. You never know. Mason was swimming in his net. A puck could have bounced off a Dman or whatever.

    Next he’ll be reaching for the emergency lucky necktie.

    As for benching PK.. Sutter did that in the latest WJC tourney when his few key players took dumb penalties. How’d that work out eh? So bad.

  2. Wow!

    There are Habs fans and then there are HABS fans.

    Those folks in St. Lazare are something else!

  3. The Canadiens played with zero heart and/or effort last night. Chris Nilan absolutely went off on them today. Hearing him vent was actually something of a cathartic experience for me!

    Insofar as Therrien is concerned, well, if he’s going to criticize Subban for taking a “selfish” penalty, what would he call the bench minor that he got last week for squawking at the referee? Maybe he should bench himself………..

  4. I agree with everything everyone is complaining about in terms of last night. However, with five shots on goal in the 3rd, no chemistry, no passion, pulling out Budaj would have EASILY made it 4-1.

    Another thing, our PP is not happening anymore. Not last night and previous nights before that. Our 5 on 5 was already weak. Where the heck does this leave us?

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