Moving On From The Non-Goal

Not that I want to, but I suppose the thing to do is mention more about the goal/non-goal from Sunday’s game at the Bell Centre.

I’d prefer to move on and think about the guys getting it done in four games and continue to work on the power play during practice.

Frankly, it’s not the first or last time a disputed goal decision will be made. We’ll probably see several other instances in other series as we move along. Maybe as early as tonight.

The fact is, as mentioned by TSN’s Darren Dreger, the idea was put forth at one the general managers’ meetings, held in some palm tree-laden resort with a golf course, that monitors should be set up at the timekeepers bench where referees could have a look and see exactly what went down.

But the GMs dismissed the idea. It was probably getting close to tee time.

Tampa’s fans can complain but I’ll bet Jon Cooper and his players are now only concerned with game four. And this non/goal shouldn’t turn into the distorted opinion that it was a big turning point in the series. The Canadiens have outplayed Tampa in all three games for the most part, and Tampa should never have allowed Rene Bourque to bulge the twine after just eleven seconds (which is the fastest goal to start a playoff game at the Bell Centre).

But I expect the whining because it’s what I’d be doing if it had happened to the Canadiens.

The other chatter that just won’t quit is the hit to the head of Steven Stamkos by Alexei Emelin as Emelin was hurtling past him.  I’ve watched it several times, it happened quickly, seemed absolutely unintentional, and we’ve seen Emelin enough to know that it’s not his style to hurt, except for those thunderous bodychecks that rattle bones but are clean as a whistle.

Emelin’s not Matt Cooke or Raffi Torres or any of these dudes who have a reputation for such nastiness. He’s a punishing checker who caught Stamkos’ head by accident as he was flying through. Very unfortunate and I hope the Lightning star is 100%.

Hopefully this series ends soon so the only ones left to talk about all of this will be Tampa Bay folks. The Canadiens will have other fish to fry.

10 thoughts on “Moving On From The Non-Goal”

  1. We’re better, period. Look out Detroit!

    Want a dirty hit that wasn’t called from last night? Try Callahan on Gallagher

  2. Hope that the Habs win tomorrow night, and that the Red Wings and Bruins clobber each other for five more long, painful games, with all of the games hopefully going into quintuple overtime!

  3. Dennis, I`m on a bit of a roll lately.

    I correctly predicted the outcome of both Friday’s and Saturday’s games (4-1 and 3-2 wins respectively for the Habs).

    As for the next game, I will be consulting with my tea leaves tomorrow afternoon.

    Stay tuned…


    Former officials chime in on last night’s disallowed goal:

    Kerry Fraser:

    Paul Stewart:

  4. I heard it said that it was Emelin’s thigh [or shin] that hit Stamkos, not the knee. Seems he tried to avoid causing injury. But then ,that our train wreck—clean,but bone jarring checks.

  5. Where is all this chatter taking place? I’m probably better off being unaware of it. As usual, I’m not watching sports TV or listening to the radio. Just my three Habs games a week. Or whatever it’s distilled to, now.

    Emelin? Accidental. Non-goal/goal? I agree; the Canadiens are outplaying Tampa and by a significant margin. The Bolts have been very fortunate not to have lost EACH of these games by four goals or so.

    But, as you say, it’s expected. The “whining”.


  6. Dennis tomorrow night will be wild in Mtl, I hope the boys can keep their focus and put Tampa away. You never like to give the other guy any hope. I think the opening 10 minutes will be critical.
    On another note does anyone know where blogger Number31 has disappeared to? She hasn’t posted in over a month and a half.

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