Moves Like The Missile


I don’t remember that two goals, one assist game. I can only assume what happened.

Dozens of fans, some even whoopin’ and hollerin’. We were probably down by a goal with just under a minute to go, and I had decided that enough was enough.

I’m thinking that I took the puck behind our goal, did a fancy little how do you do past the first forechecker, outskated the second guy like he’d just seen a ghost, did a slick loop de loop around the next guy, split the defence like nobody’s business, and after freezing the goalie with my patented Harlem shuffle, found the top corner to tie the game.

Then I guess I did it again.

I seem to recall that these were moves only The Missile in Montreal and Gordie Whye in Detroit could come close to, and of course what players in Toronto could only dream of doing.

Afterwards, I can sort of recall quite a few gorgeous female models waiting for me in the lobby, but being a shy and dedicated hockey player, I probably just went home and worked on my stick instead.




8 thoughts on “Moves Like The Missile”

  1. Yes Mike. Quite a few similarities. Puck handling, gorgeous models. But PK isn’t shy. Now you’ve got me wondering who the better player was and is – him or me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Such talent and pizzazz—-and he ONLY wants to be the stick-boy?? At least the power-play coach or young player development coach!!!!!

  3. Peter, I think I just want to be owner. I don’t know the math involved, but if everyone in the world sent me a dime, maybe it would be enough. And when it happens, you’ll be part of the management team.

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