Mothers Throw Things Out. It’s Just What They Do. No One Knows Why… Plus… A Boston Bruin Behaving Badly.

Even in 1934 the Boston Bruins were a dastardly bunch. Of course, that’s not anything new. Every year they’re a dastardly bunch.


Why is that? Does it have something to do with the Babe Ruth curse, or trading Bobby Orr to Chicago?  I think it’s something only schooled professionals might be able to figure out.


For example, in 1934, Bruins defenceman Eddie Shore clubbed Toronto’s Ace Bailey over the head. In fact, he clubbed him so hard, he ended Bailey’s career by fracturing his skull.  But worse than that, he almost ended the poor guy’s life.


It was such a terrible situation that later that same year, a charity game between the Leafs and the league’s best players was held in Toronto to help the Bailey family, and $23,000 was raised.


And this was the beginning of the annual NHL all-star game. 


When Shore did this to Bailey, my father was 14 years old, and he felt bad about what had happened. So he wrote a little get-well letter to Bailey while the player lay between life and death in a Toronto hospital.


A while later, a letter arrived for my dad, and it was from Bailey’s wife, thanking him for his kind thoughts.


And what happened to the letter?


It disappeared when he went into the army, never to be seen again, he explained. Must have got thrown out by his mother, he added.


Why do mothers throw out their kids’ good stuff, like hockey cards, baseball gloves, favourite t-shirts that might only have a few holes in it, and letters from Ace Bailey’s wife?


Mothers might not be as dastardly as the Bruin Bruins, but they throw out good stuff.

4 thoughts on “Mothers Throw Things Out. It’s Just What They Do. No One Knows Why… Plus… A Boston Bruin Behaving Badly.”

  1. Hey DK wives also like to throw out our old sentimental items.I had to climb into a dumpster to retreave my RCAF leather jacket that you may remember from our days in Orillia.It still to this day stays in the closet,won’t ever happen again !!
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!

  2. Back in 1959, while in the hospital in Montreal after giving birth to moi, my mom sat in the hallway, resting. A big fella walked down the corridor, stopped and asked her if she wanted his autograph.

    She said, “Sure!”

    All she had was a used envelope, so he signed it. The nurses crowded around for autographs. The envelope was divided into smaller and smaller pieces until she only had a tiny scrap with Rocket Richard’s autograph on it.

    She didn’t tell me about its existence until just a few years ago. She also told me she had lost it in one of our many moves.

    Damn. If I had known about it when I was a kid, I would have had that thing encased in a plastic sleeve with its own armed guard.

    My dad insists it’s still somewhere under the stairs in the ‘danger room’.

  3. Thanks Sandra.The danger room sounds like my kind of place. And always remember, the Rocket was better in many ways than Gordie Howe.

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