Morrow Moves To Pens

The Pittsburgh Penguins have acquired Brenden Morrow from the Dallas Stars for a couple of draft picks and we can only hope that Morrow, as a 34-year old, is slow and has lost a step and is getting too old in every way considering he’s entering the Eastern Conference.

Morrow, who is married to Anne-Marie Carbonneau, daughter of Guy Carbonneau, wants to win the Stanley Cup and finally chose Pittsburgh over Boston as the team with an excellent chance.

Won’t it be funny when Montreal goes all the way.


13 thoughts on “Morrow Moves To Pens”

  1. I wonder if Marc Bergevin will make a deal before the deadline, which is April 3rd I believe.

    Stay tuned…

  2. Ha Komisarek, wouldn’t that freak out the fan base? Put with the right partner though….
    Mixed feelings about adding a rental, for all the teams that do only one will win the cup. I hate the idea of giving away prospects for a rental. Also where as before I don’t think players looked at Montreal as an attractive destination with a legit chance to win the cup that perception may be starting to change.
    Also I believe Bergevin has stated he would not trade for a rental then that means bringing in someone with at least one more year on their contract. Who that might be intrigues me.

  3. Dallas is having a fire sale. Why don’t they just do the next step and sell the team to a Canadian city?

    I also don’t understand why as part of this deal they gave up a 3rd round draft pick in exchange for a 5th rounder.

  4. Ryder is essentially a rental. Or he was the return for dumping Cole’s salary. Now if only we could get something in return for Kaberle. Maybe Boston will take him again as their good luck charm from 2011.

    I don’t want to see us give up any good prospects, but we will have a few extra draft picks this summer. We’ve picked up two second round picks and a third round pick, but have lost our fourth round pick.

  5. Maybe, Christopher, because Joe Nieuwendyk might be a little unusual. I remember reading Dallas fans comments after the Cole/Ryder deal and it seemed everyone thought Joe was a lousy GM. Dozens of comments and not one good thing to say about him.

  6. D-John, I don’t like rentals either. It almost seems morally wrong. Even when Ray Bourque was given a chance to go to Colorado to finally win a Cup it didn’t seem right to me. I know many would take me to task here, but if you can’t win a Cup with the team you’re with for years, and the team your heart is with, then so be it. But that’s just me. I can’t explain it exactly. Maybe I’m out in left field on this, but it’s how I feel.

  7. Dennis I never liked what Bourque did but then I never liked Bourque either!
    Chris, I agree Ryder is essentially a rental but one that came with dumping Cole’s contract.
    Wow Pittsburg! I don’t think Mtl can stand to lose their draft picks the way some of these other teams will. One look at Hamilton suggests that while we have a lot of defense prospects I don’t think there is the same kind of depth at forward or goal for that matter. Mtl has what 3 picks in the top 60 this June? I’d be looking for some more power forwards.

  8. Besides our picks, we’ve picked up Calgary’s second, Nashville’s second and Dallas’s third. Calgary is way out of the playoffs, the others are straddling the cut-off.

    Now I’m really confused, Dallas just traded that same third round pick to Pittsburgh.

  9. So that’s a first rounder, three second rounders and possibly 2 third rounders depending on what the heck Dallas is doing. Not bad, I’d like to see the team keep these and restock the shelves in a way that we haven’t seen since the days of the Voyageurs.

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