Moronic Hoodlums Just Want To Have Fun

I’ve nothing to say about the morons who looted and burned and behaved so poorly in Vancouver after game seven. I’m not surprised. Prisons are full of folks we don’t understand.

But it was pretty bad. It was like the Boston Bruins were running around in their street clothes.

Originally I was going to point out that this, along with various Montreal-related dark days, isn’t an isolated situation. There were riots in Boston after the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, and Boston fans also lost their minds when the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl a few years ago. But I see that various publications like this one – Set This Sucker On Fire have beat me to it so never mind.

I should mention, however, that there was no torching of cars in Toronto the last time the Leafs won the Cup. Of course, cars hadn’t been invented yet.

I’m not going to say anything. Except I hope everyone involved is rounded up and put on a southern chain gang.

I guess all I’ll do now is show a couple of pictures Beatnik and Tony sent but I never got around to using. Beatnik sent the lady with the sign; Tony, the referee. Thanks guys.

2 thoughts on “Moronic Hoodlums Just Want To Have Fun”

  1. Did grandma flash? Could that have been the start of the riot?

    One good thing about Bruin fans that I haven’t seen mentioned. I really like how they sing the national anthem, some were even singing O’Canada. This is much more typical of Canadian fan behaviour. Years of watching Montreal fans has done them some good. Well that’s it, next Boston compliment due in 40 years with their next cup.

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