Morenz And Joliat Probably Weren’t Invited. (But Maybe They Were)

We’re in Santa Maria, population 90,000 and home of Robin Williams and Kathy Bates, because we didn’t make it to Santa Barbara, another hour down the road.

And the reason we didn’t make it to Santa Barbara is because we spent hours at the Hearst Castle north of here at San Simeon.

Did you know that some people just have way too much money? William Randolph Hearst certainly did, because he built this big honkin’ castle that took 26 years to almost complete, with 60 bedrooms and pools indoor and out that I’m sure rival any pools Julius Caesar dipped his toes in.

This guy makes Scott Gomez look like a homeless pauper.

Hearst was the founder and publisher of the San Francisco Examiner, and also dabbled in the movie business. Friends who came to stay at this place included Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Hedda Hopper, Joe Kennedy (father of JFK), and anyone else who had any clout and pockets full of dough in the roaring twenties and dirty thirties.

President Calvin Coolidge’s wife got stuck in the private elevator for hours when they visited.

Hearst also asked married couples staying at his place not to have sex, although he had bedrooms for his wife and also for his mistress, Hollywood starlet Marion Davies.

I thought about asking the tour guide if Hearst was a Habs fan and did Howie Morenz and Aurele Joliat ever come over for martinis but I decided against it. I’m sure Howie and Aurele were much too busy scoring on the ice to have time to score in the pool.

One more note; On the grounds outside the castle, workers were setting up gazebos and music equipment for a party this evening. A party which would include tycoons and Hollywood stars, and it was only costing each person $10,000. I asked Luciena if she thought we should go and she said yes, of course, are you kidding? But we opted for Santa Maria instead.

Tomorrow will be a big day. Hollywood, baby. But I’m worried that if I’m discovered by a movie producer or director for a leading role opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones or Julia Roberts, who’s going to feed my cat back home? (Forget about the Frankenstein and hideous monster remarks. And no, that’s not me in the photo at the top. Very funny.)

12 thoughts on “Morenz And Joliat Probably Weren’t Invited. (But Maybe They Were)”

  1. Something is wrong with those pictures. Gorgeous cloudless blue sky, beautiful clear blue water and no bikinis.

  2. And come to think of it, Moey, Orson Welles and Hearst had some sort of connection too! Yes – Rosebud. She was my mistress in a previous life when I was a rich son of a bitch.

  3. Dennis if you get discovered by some movie producer or director you’ll become rich and famous quickly enough that your dream of team ownership of the Habs will become a reality before the year is out. I just hope you don’t forget us devoted loyal fans who loved you first.

    On a side note, I just gotta squeeeee because I got Habs tickets to really the only game I can feasibly attend this season – the Jan 12th game vs. the Pens and Crosbaby! *spits* Expect a full slagging of the flightless birdies complete with visuals post-game! Naturally our boys will remind them who won that 2nd series. 😉

  4. Tyg, yes, getting discovered is part of the plan to own the team. You’re the only one who has figured this out. But I may have to jet back and forth between Montreal and Beverly Hills. Good for you for scoring tickets. That’s an awesome game to see live. How are you going to do it? Fly from Halifax, or are you going to be in Montreal at this time anyway? Don’t forget, save your ticket stub and don’t fold your program.

  5. A quick thanks to those who are reading my blog during this California trip even though it isn’t hard-core hockey talk. I appreciate it more than you know. Hey, we’ve got all winter to dissect the team. I’ve also posted at least one story and usually a couple, every single day since the Habs were eliminated, but I still feel guilty.

  6. Dennis at least you will be able to write off all the travel expenses. Will Gaston survive when you’re famous and have to use him to beat off all the ladies?

    Thanks so much for the advice re: stub and program. They will take a place of honour in my new shrine… er… den. So far travel arrangement details have not been finalize on account of I didn’t even know if I could score the tickets. The Habs internet sales thingy is an exercise in patience I didn’t know I possessed. Probably driving tho. I’m a big fan of road trips myself which I blog about on my own site, and which is why I love reading all about yours.

  7. Dennis, (referring to an earlier post)

    I can see how a man might be romanced by the beautifully modulated tones of a well bred Englishwoman’s accent and how, as the miles of blacktop roll beneath the wheels (or is it the wheels rolling on the blacktop?) an idyll of conjugal bliss plays on the fringes of your consciousness, but you need to remember that she will never serve you beer in a hockey shirt.

    It’s a cultural thing. A well bred Englishwoman is not above serving her man with a drink, but historically she would have been expected to serve Pimms or G & T during a break in a game of Polo in some dusty corner of Blighty’s colonial possessions.

    I promised a report on the prospects for hockey in Montreal (in the Aude region of France)

    The up side:

    Well they enjoy team sport there
    They enjoy the sight of athletic men knocking seven bells out of each other while ignoring the supposed purpose of the game

    The down side:

    They love rugby too much
    You don’t see ice anywhere other than in your glass of pastis

  8. Blue Bayou, is it possible the rugby players could put skates on? And if an Englishwoman won’t serve beer in a hockey jersey, will she serve it with shoulder pads on? And Montreal in the Aude region – why are they stalling? What about artificial ice?

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