More Tour, More Lunch

Went for lunch at Bar B Barn, a ribs place on Guy St. just below Ste. Catherines that my buddy Mel St. Onge in Orillia recommended. I thought it was important to go because Luci loves ribs and I decided to scout it out before she gets here.

That’s the kind of guy I am.

Are there any bad restaurants in Montreal?

Bar B Barn was down a few steps, the walls had plenty of Habs pictures, the tables had candles and red and white checkered tablecloths, and the plate had lots of food.

I felt like I had a bowling ball in my gut for about six hours afterwards.

It was good though. The $10.95 special was three big ribs, the obligatory fries (although you can get mashed or onion rings instead), along with a little dish of rice in tomato sauce, a big roll, and coffee. I had beer too. I needed to test it for temperature and freshness in case Luci decides to have one. πŸ™‚

I was in the bar area, but apparently there are two other rooms that they don’t open for lunch, so there’s lots of space. The waitress told me you don’t need reservations.

And the room I was in had a nice, Greenwich Village-type feel to it. Maybe a fine place for you to take a date.

The ribs were great. Sticky and plentiful. You might want to think about a long walk later on though if you want your pants to still fit.

Bar-B Barn

But before I went for lunch, I decided to visit McGill University. I walked the grounds and tried a few doors, but they were all locked. How’s a guy supposed to enroll as a mature student or just sit in on a class if it’s all locked up?

I though the McConnell Engineering Building would be good to visit but it was locked too. Which is too bad because I always wanted to learn how to drive a train.


McGill 2

McGill 3

After being denied entrance to McGill, which I’m going to complain to the newspapers about, I walked along Sherbrooke St. and came to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which, as Wikipedia tells me, is where the Rolling Stones rented the entire 6th floor but weren’t allowed to eat in the dining room until they went back and got jackets.



Then it was down to Bar B Barn for ribs.

13 thoughts on “More Tour, More Lunch”

  1. That is odd–can’t figure out why my alma mater, McGill, would be all closed up!

    Twenty-five years ago, a good friend and I were kicked out of the Bar-B-Barn when we apparently took too much advantage of their “all you can eat” special. Ah……..memories!

  2. Ian, it was closed probably because it was Saturday. I suppose I should have mentioned that. And wow, “all you can eat”‘ at Bar-B Barn. What I had, the special, was plenty for me. There’s no way I could do an all you can eat. I think I’m still full.

  3. Dennis, you are a man’s man for checking it out for Luci. You might want to do so twice just in case.

  4. Yes Don. A man’s man. I hope all those hot chicks in high school who wouldn’t talk to me are feeling bad now.

  5. hey did nto say it was classy place, after a dozen beers and u are hungry the ribs are great, not very classy,has not changed in 30 years, took date there once, will not do that again., she complained all the time we were there, but she was homeless lady, so good news was i could drop her off anywhere, lol

  6. McGill was probably locked up to restrict campus access for the Argos who were playing at the stadium on Sunday.

    BTW, unless times have significantly changed or McGill is very different from other universities, skip the Engineering buildings. They’re full of mostly geeky guys, the arts and social science faculties have more beautiful sights.

  7. That’s good to know for my next life, Christopher, when I enroll at McGill or maybe Harvard. About the studies, the main question is – what pays the most money for the least amount of work and what has the most females. I need to get that figured out. I don’t think I’m cut out for any type of university. Way too much homework. At least I’m assuming there is.

  8. From what I’ve learned in the last 5-10 years, banking is what pays. When times are good, it’s easier to make millions than shooting fish in a barrel. When times are bad, you take a couple years vacation, blame the economy and governments cover all your mistakes. I don’t know about the women in banking, but with millions they won’t be hard to find.

    In high school, a career aptitude test indicated it would have been a good career for me. Why didn’t I pay attention? Instead I wanted to do geeky things like play with computers.

  9. Danno, it hadn’t occurred to me but you’re right, it is way too Boston-y. What were they thinking? I just thought it looked like a bumblebee.

  10. I say technically because there are better restaurants in town, especially for ribs πŸ˜‰ When I was little it was good, now it’s just disappointing.

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