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Just so you know, I never liked Richard Nixon. I’d see him on television and he seemed in my mind to be a conservative rotten bastard phoney scum-sucking red-necked shyster prick maniac.

Although I didn’t know him so maybe I shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

It was amazing when he finally resigned under the threat of impeachment and he waved goodbye and gave the peace sign as he climbed into a helicopter and rode off into the sunset.

No, I wasn’t a fan from north of the border. I just happen to have a pinback and a bubblegum cigar with his name on them, that’s all.


6 thoughts on “More Stuff From A Box”

  1. Cool stuff , I have the same Habs pin and both versions of that 88 olympic hockey pin, as for the W.H.A. ticket mine is the Jets & Whalers 1972 ! Also my best friend in Montreal ,his dad was an usher at the Forum for 39 years and he wore a forum pin like that on his nice jacket ( along with a few others, lol ) every time he worked..His name was Howard and he would get us both tickets to just about all that went on at the Forum. Those were the days, tons of fun and great times !

  2. Those two first sentences about Nixon had me rolling on the floor!

    Cool to actually have an Ottawa Nationals game ticket. Those must be rarer than Pope shit.

    Wondering where the Elvis, Buddy, Lennon, Morrison cards are from.

  3. Hi Joe. It’s cool about you and the Forum and your friend’s dad. I wanted to work at the Forum too but I got sidetracked by the 1960s and all that was going on.

  4. Robert, the Elvis etc. are stamps. And when I first moved to Ottawa in 1973 and didn’t know anyone, I’d go to Nationals and 67s games. Those days were a tad lonely but I stuck it out and began to meet people, including my first wife.

  5. All I know is I wouldn’t stick anything in my mouth that is shaped like a cigar and says Dick on it 😆

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