More Long Weekend Hockey Coin Stuff

Ditto to yesterday’s post Long Weekend Hockey Coins, where the key words were “exhausted, 1961-62, Shirriff, and 140%.” And maybe “couch.”

Today, replace 1961-62 with 1962-62, and definitely include the words exhausted and 140%.

Hockey coins back then were a big success. I personally bought so many bags of Shirriff potato chips to get them, I probably paid for one of their new fancy potato slicing machines.

Below, my nice 60-coin 1962-63 metal set from Shirriff.


The previous two years to this, coins were plastic.

The whole idea of hockey coins, along with with car coins, baseball coins, airplane coins etc, that came out during these years, was just fantastic. We had so much fun with these, at school and flipping against walls, and trying to get them all. Beautiful.




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  1. In Toronto/Mississauga near Pearson Airport twice a year (spring/fall) there is a big card & memoriablia (sp) show where they have these coins for sale both as singles & sets. Old Coke Cola bottlecaps with hockey players on them. Hockey Beehive cards as well as trading cards from the four major sports & other sports and non sports. This year they brought in through the weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) a lot of members of The 1993 Stanley Cup Team your Montreal Canadiens (doing a twenty year anniversity tour etc in some parts of the country) for an autograph signing. It is quite the show I visit every few years but not this year. Anything for the most part that can be collected can find it’s way into the show. Sometimes I have bought nothing at the show but just look at the tables & I say I remember those items as a kid – Good entertainment for a few hours…..

  2. Martin, I used to love going to these type of shows when I lived back east. It was the best way of getting things. There was no ebay or anything like that back then. I see ads every year for that big Toronto one you’re talking about, and I’d love to go. I’m in heaven at these shows.

  3. I got lot’s of these plastic ones im younger so im not sure what’s the back should be like half mine got carbord glued on the backs ?? are they still good? can I remove the glue somehow without damaging the coins I got lot’s help please there is 133 mixed both plastic sets

  4. Hi Adam. Lots of the NHL coins were glued to the shields because they never fit right and kept falling out. So it’s not unusual to see coins with glue or whatever on the backs. Of course it’s better when they’re perfect, but even with the glue or cardboard or dirt, they’re still a sought-after collectable and the value is still high. I don’t know what others you have, but if it’s cars or airplanes or animals coins and such, they didn’t have those shields I mentioned. So they were probably mounted onto a homemade deal. To answer your question, they’re still quite good and it’s not all that necessary to clean them up.

  5. I got like 133 of them hockey sheriff and some tea forget the name on back half about got glue but got couple big names bobby hull …there up for sale my friend sold them to me so I can sell at the market. . are you interested in them? I can give a good name list on sat ty..

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