More Kouli The Greek

In browsing and drooling through Kouli the Greek’s eBay site as I often do, I afterwards asked Koulis if I could once again show some of his fine pictures he has on sale. He said yes because he’s a great guy, so here’s a few.

Included in order are: Gordie Howe wearing a Habs sweater, with Ann Murray; Bernie Geoffrion and Don Caley in New York; Paul Henderson and Jacques Plante; Plante having a rest; a cool Chicago-Detroit action shot; Charlie Hodge; and Lulu’s ashtray.

2 thoughts on “More Kouli The Greek”

  1. That ashtray is a real riot. Kudos to the place for having a great sense of humor.

    Awesome pictures. I love seeing these old pictures. I wish the Habs sold some because I’d buy quite a few of them.

  2. Dennis, I’ll bet that ashtray from Lulu’s Whore House has seen a lot of butts.

    But not as many as Lulu herself.

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