More George Might

The team had George Parros in the lineup Saturday night and the boys freewheeled, no one on the Hawks paid back Alexei Emelin for his clean bone cruncher on Patrick Kane, and as a bonus, George was parked in front of the net when Andrei Markov opened the scoring.

They should play him every night and see how it goes.

Maybe he’ll end up playing the next thirty six.

2 thoughts on “More George Might”

  1. Big George Parros has the ability to change the game dynamics in ways many of us did not consider. Sure he’s a tough guy, but having his massive body parked in front of the other teams’ net can only increase our chances of scoring.

  2. I’ve been a Parros detractor for most of this season and even in this game 7 shifts and 3:33 total ice-time doesn’t make an NHL player. But I have to admit he made the best of his time on Saturday. Besides screening Crawford on the first goal, I think his retrieving the puck from the corner did more to set up the goal than Bournival and Emelin who just passed it along to Markov.

    Given that Bergevin doesn’t seem willing to make an roster moves, even from Hamilton, I think he’ll continue playing until White or Galchenyuk return from injury.

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