15 thoughts on “More From Darth’s Habs Camp Adventure”

  1. Great pictures Garth! Thanks a bunch!

    Preseason action starts on Tuesday with the Habs playing the Stars.

    Can’t wait!

  2. So great, Danno. Darth’s pics and hockey starting. Let’s see if anyone surprises and makes the team. And let’s hope Yemelin continues to play like this. This is what we need. Toughness and skill combined. GO HABS!!!!

  3. It was a blast Danno and I highly recommend it to any Habs fan. There are some small problems though:

    1. Go early and be prepared to stand in line for a long time. The scrimmage starts at 11 – but be there for about 8:30. The line starts early and you’ll be standing for a long time (the only thing I hated about the experience).

    2. Make sure you go to the bathroom before getting in that line and try to avoid drinking too much before. Unless you go with a pal. I had to leave the line to go and when I came back I got my spot again but that’s probably because I’m a big guy.

    3. Try not to wear shorts like I did because when you do go into that rink, it’s like going into a meat locker. It’ll really cold in there and it was a wake-up call. 🙂

    The day I went wasn’t bad but I heard yesterday was even more crowded.

    I think I’m going to try and go every year.

  4. What an awesome video. I can’t wait until tomorrow night! I feel like a kid today and that tomorrow is Christmas finally.

  5. Danno, like Darth says, what an awesome video. Nice to see and it really shows what a fast sport hockey is. Reminds me of the Byers Bulldozers!

  6. Yes Dennis! I can almost picture that smallish yet shifty right winger skating right alongside the Habs.

    Finally. Hockey’s back!

  7. I can’t believe I forgot to mention this. During the drills, Carey was practicing that move where he spins back to whack the puck away from the net. He pulled that off a couple of times last season and it was fun seeing him practice that.

  8. That’s cool, Darth. Maybe he’s perfecting another aspect of his game. You have to go back next year for more reports and photos, not to mention, it sounds like you had a great time.

  9. Darth, as future owner/stick boy, I’ve made a decision. A couple more years of excellent scouting reports and great photos from you in Brossard and you can start handing out business cards saying “Darth, Official Photographer of the Montreal Canadiens.”

  10. Wow thank you guys. It was my pleasure and it was a total thrill for me. I should have written notes though because my scouting skills are pretty half-assed. I’m the Scott Gomez of scouts.

    If there is anything I want to stress more than anything else it’s the fact that these guys played with some real intensity. If they keep this up all year, we will be in for one hell of a great season. Pacioretty alone is going to have a killer year. I suspect he’ll have a few hat-tricks at the very least.

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