4 thoughts on “More From Brandy”

  1. Hey Dennis.
    Just a quick note….The Hockey News this week features your fave on the cover…Brad Marchant under the heading public enemy #1. Interesting feature as all NHL teams are listed and there corresponding most hated player.
    Montreal fans most hated is Zdeno Chara… but don’t fret. Scott Gomez tops the list with Jersey fans for jumping to the Rangers.They also state that he may be the most hated in Montreal for not living up to his mammoth contract. Looks like Scottie may have achieved the NBA like double …double.

  2. Thanks, JW. After seeing how Gomez has played since leaving New Jersey, I would’ve thought he’d be popular there. Hey Jersey fans. You’re lucky he’s gone!

  3. If NJ wants him back they can have him! Goodbye and good riddance.

    Least he seems to be doing well on that Alaskan team. Wow.

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