Montreal Won The Game. That’s The Best I Can Say

I would say, in trying to describe the Canadiens’ 6-5 shootout win over the Florida Panthers Sunday afternoon, as only a mediocre win. I could also say ugly, and lucky, and a sad excuse for a win, but I guess I’ll stick with mediocre.


And although we say a win is a win, is it really? Because there were so many things wrong with the Habs today, that it’s hard to get worked up when they squeak out a shootout thing.


Montreal came out snoring in this game and fell behind 2-0 by the time the first period had ended. But in the second, for whatever reason, (and I suppose there’s a reason) they woke up in the second, scored four quick goals, and took a 4-2 lead.


But it was the third period I have a big problem with. Beginning with Alex Kovalev. Someone has to sit this guy down, (and I’m sure he’s been told a hundred times in his career,) and convince him he’s not stickhandling around 14 peewees on a lake out there. He’s crafty, but not that crafty. In the NHL, rarely does anyone stickhandle through an entire team.


Kovalev tries to all the time. And in the third, while trying it on the power play, he once again lost the puck, this time to Radek Dvorak, who promptly skated in on a clear-cut breakaway to score.


Then the Habs, on Andrei Kostitsyn’s second goal of the game, went up 5-3 before Florida stormed back to tie it. And in the process, dominated the Habs and were the better team for the most part.


Of course, now that it’s over, the results show a Montreal win, as Andrei Markov potted the big one in the shootout. Just don’t tell anyone how bullshit lucky they were and didn’t really deserve to win. No one needs to know this.


Game Notes:


Robert Lang played well and contributed a goal and two assists.


Carey Price was on the shelf so once again, Jaroslav Halak was between the pipes. I’m not saying Halak played poorly, but he let in five goals. So what does that mean?


Coming Up:


A beauty of a stretch is coming up. Beginning Wednesday, Montreal visits the Rangers, and we know how important that game is. Then, on Thursday, it’s home to meet Toronto. On Saturday, the second place Washington Capitals are in town, and the following Tuesday, the Habs travel to Boston for a game I’ve been waiting for for awhile.



9 thoughts on “Montreal Won The Game. That’s The Best I Can Say”

  1. It was an episode of the Twilight Zone. Then again the Panthers/Pens game yesterday was also an episode of the Twilight Zone. I, however, am used to the Panthers beating our team so I just shrug it off, take the points, and run…And at least they scored 5 goals. It has been a while. (Yea, they gave up 5 as well but whatever, FREE WINGS)! Also, I hate 2pm games.

    On the bright side, at least Zednik didn’t score on us.

  2. This is completely off topic but after seeing Alex Semin fight last night i’ve been left with the impression hes the new heavyweight in the league

  3. We didn’t win the game – we tied! We don’t deserve 2 pts. Hell, even one point is more than we deserve from that mess.

  4. Twilight Zone; under-deserved; At Least A Win After the WTF of Yesterday—whatever. Let’s really focus on this upcoming week of jitters and Think, Carbo, Think Strategy. I’m stoked.

  5. I hate people who are quick to blame goalies. It’s a cheap and easy excuse, and they’ve got a damn hard job. But that game was not a game of able-bodied goalies. Both ends seemed like the netminders were made of jelly. I came out in strong favour of Halak when the season started… Not so confident anymore.

  6. I hate weekend matinee games!
    I’m still confident Halak will rebound.
    Goalies go through a funk just as high profile players go through a scoring drought.
    I’m still not sold we are an Eastern COnference contender this season.

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