Montreal Travels To Philadelphia, And I’m Sure They Haven’t Forgotten

With the Canadiens in Philadelphia Monday night, the memories come swirling back to last spring.


Montreal had taken out Boston in the opening round in a hard-fought series, then met the Flyers in round two, and it didn’t go the way it was supposed to.


Alex Kovalev, Tom Plekanec, Chris Higgins, and many other Habs somehow lost their edge, while RJ Umberger for the Flyers played like Mario Lemieux, and goalie Daniel Biron and his goalposts got the job done for the bad guys.


And Flyers defenceman Kimmo Timonen laughed in Tom Kostopoulos’ face. Remember that?


Most unsettling for Montreal and their fans was that Carey Price, who had been so terrific as a rookie goalie all through the year, seemed tired and let in goals he wouldn’t have let in a month prior.  The Flyers had everything going for them, and Montreal had hit a wall and were on the golf course sooner than hoped.


Flyers fans took it upon themselves to comment in droves on this site, berating me, berating the Canadiens, laughing at Price, making jokes about Canadian women, the flag, our weather, and in general, really taking it to me. When the series finished, I’m sure they carried on with their creativity in Penguins’ blogs.


The bottom line, though, behind all the fun and games, was that Montreal didn’t get the job done and the Flyers did. 


Now they meet again Monday night. The Flyers still have a good team like last year. Just ask Pierre McGuire. He says it’ll be the Flyers in the Stanley Cup final, not Montreal. Umberger’s gone, but it’s a team built around big guns Simon Gagne, Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, and Biron.


It won’t like playing the Leafs Monday night. It’s going to be tough.


Time for a little payback, boys. I know you haven’t forgotten. 



4 thoughts on “Montreal Travels To Philadelphia, And I’m Sure They Haven’t Forgotten”

  1. Many Montreal fans thought that the Flyers were ‘lucky’ to defeat the Habs in last year’s playoffs. Hey, we lost 4 games to 1 and were down by scores of 2-0 in almost every contest. Even when we had the lead in the final game, it was nullified by Carey Price’s meltdown. Truth be told, Philly won it fair and square. Hopefully, it will be a learning experience that will come in handy as we begin our quest for a 25th Cup in 100 years. Everyone needs to stand a little taller in this game, especially seeing that Laraque is still out of the Montreal lineup.

    24 Cups

  2. The shirt worked! After sleepwalking through 2 periods, the old Habs came back to compliment the Priceberg. Hallelujah! 5-3 and the Cage aux Sports is rethinking their 5-goals 8 free wings policy ;D

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