Montreal Speed Demon Wins Silver!

Montreal’s Marianne St-Gelais won silver Wednesday in the 500 metre short track speedskating event and she just flew.

She should be on the women’s hockey team. Give her the puck and let her go with it.

This gives Canada 2 gold, 3 silver, and a bronze so far. Canadians are proud of their athletes. And they (we) have big plans for hockey gold.

4 thoughts on “Montreal Speed Demon Wins Silver!”

  1. Marianne was flying and we’re all proud of her.
    I hope you mean she should join the women’s hockey team for the next Olympics. Please don’t mess with the current team, they’re on an unbelievable roll. Hell, I’m not sure I want them to even change their socks.
    Canada was expected to win, but not 13-1. The game was over after 40 minutes, 12-0 score 43-4 shots. Isn’t Sweden expected to win the bronze?

  2. I hate to admit it, but yes, they could use her. She could definitely add some flying French to the flying Frenchmen. Imagine her on the forecheck.

  3. St. Gelais is a supurb pleasure to watch, I have a huge fondness for speedskating…….her smile is that of an admirable Olympic mentor to go down into history……not to mention an unforgetable birthday for her. She rocks!!!

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