Montreal Players Should Be Thankful I’m Not The GM

Are there any untouchables on the Montreal Canadiens? Any players who are safe as safe can be with the team? Any players, who, if asked for by General Managers around the league, just makes Bob Gainey laugh?

Hmmm. Let’s see.

Carey Price? Is he safe? There’s probably a good chance, unless Vancouver is willing to trade Robert Luongu for him, which isn’t going to happen. Jaroslav Halak – not safe.

Anyone on defence? Markov, for instance? Or Komisarek?  Nope, not safe. The other defencemen, Brisebois, Hamrlik, Bouillon, Gorges, Dandenault, and O’Byrne.  Nope, not safe. Although it would be a shame to see a warrior like Gorges go.

Veterans like Koivu, Kovalev, Tanguay, Higgins, Plekanec, Begin, Laraque?  Not safe. Not by a long shot.

Robert Lang? If he heals properly, he could be safe.

Young guys? Max Pacioretti -should be safe. Matt D’Agostini – possibly safe. Kyle Chipchura – not safe.

Heart and soul guys – Maxim Lapierre, Tom Kostopoulos. I want them to be safe.

The Kostitsyn brothers – not safe, especially Sergei.

Gulliaume Latendresse – not safe at all.

PK Subban – gotta keep him.

So, I’m thinking that Carey Price, Robert Lang, PK Subban, Maxim Lapierre, Tom Kostopoulos, Max Pacioretti, and maybe Matt D’Agostini are safe. And even from these seven players, if I had to keep only a couple, I suppose it would be Price, Lang, Subban, Lapierre, and Pacioretti.

But then again, maybe Price has been affected by the pressure of playing in Montreal, so maybe I’d move him. And maybe Lang will never be the same player again after his Achilles tendon injury. So maybe I’d deal him too.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce the lineup for the 2009-2010 Montreal Canadiens.

PK Subban, Carey Price, Maxim Lapierre, and Max Pacioretti.

13 thoughts on “Montreal Players Should Be Thankful I’m Not The GM”

  1. Subban plays D unless you got Price doing both 😉
    Chipper’s safe! He was told he’d never play again…but here he is. He’s a lot more efficient as a winger anyway. You need someone to kill penalties and then do shorties besides Lapierre!

  2. I know Subban plays defence. I’m not sure what your point is. All I did was whittle it down to three players who might be safe in my book. Of course the team needs more than three players. That’s Gainey’s job. I have no idea where you’re coming from on this. I’ve missed your point completely.

  3. What about Carbonneau? Is he safe if they play like this until the end of the season? I think he’s safe as of this moment, but should he be?

  4. I’m glad you’re not the GM.

    Dealing everyone with no value and keeping the ones who have more value than they are probably due.

    In my opinion, there are actually some astoundingly great deals to be had in Montreal’s dressing room provided we don’t ask the players to perform roles they can’t. Higgins for example won’t be a high-paid winger as once anticipated. He is a great anchor for the third line. Ditto Plekanec, who should be affordable and is still an excellent hockey player when you don’t ask him to be the offensive engine for the team. At the back, Markov is a once-in-a-generation draft pick and only a fool would trade him. Gorges is value for money too.

    I would tweak. Volchenkov? Is he available? Ottawa must want to slow their points pace down a bit in any case. Volchenkov has been unbelievable in the ways that some people would like to believe Komi has been. Albeit it was in the past. I’d still like the communication better with Volchenkov and Markov.

    Olaf Kolzig as backup/mentor. He was the coach that got Price to his best standard not Rollie Poley. He’s also got to be a better bet to let in less than 4 goals every night right now than the other two.

    Up front, Koivu and Kostitsyn reunited. They thrived before, I can’t understand the reluctance. And, a center for Kovalev. Trading Kovalev would fetch little and leave us looking for another winger. Trying to get him a complement would be the way to go for the next few months. Roll the dice on Brendan Morrison, I’d say. He might be had for little and is used to playing the patient foil.

  5. Lately, Markov’s been off his game considerably. I’ve seen bad and dangerous passes by him often, almost as many as Komisarek. And Markov misses the net an amazing amount of times. Granted, when he’s playing well, he’s certainly an all-star defenceman. But I wouldn’t call him untouchable. The biggest problem is, they need both a good defenceman and a good forward, and you usually can’t have both. When I think about it, I can’t decide which one is more crucial right now.

  6. It amazes me that you would label Robert Lang ‘safe’ when he’s had all of half a good season in a Habs uniform, while you’re willing to throw Saku Koivu away, who’s been consistently bringing his A game to the team for over 10 year now… Not to mention Lang is 38!
    (looking at their stats, Lang is .78 ppg this year and Saku is .73 ppg. That means they’re respectively on pace for 64 and 60 points seasons)
    No offense Dennis, but I think that your frustration carried over there.

    Regarding Markov: it doesn’t matter if he’s having a bad stretch. This kind of player is irreplaceable and should never be traded under any circumstances. ALL players have bad stretches. That’s not even important. The fact is, he’s Montreal’s best defenseman since Robinson and he has to stay. To me he’s more untouchable than Price.

  7. It’s frustration, James. I’m also blaming the hot dog vendors, the program sellers, and the zamboni driver. And why can’t Jean Beliveau put his equipment back on and get out there and help the team? Is he being lazy and selfish?

  8. Did anyone else see that Gorges is probably playing 4th line offense tonight? (Check out I also thought it was a typo. ) I think that if we’re desperate enough to be playing our most consistent defenseman on offense, we’re in a lot more trouble than anyone thought.

  9. Markov a once in a generation draft pick? you might have to explain your way of thinking behind that quote. Once in a generation d-men are Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey, Nick Lidstrom, Dennis Potvin, Scott Neidermeyer ……Markov is a good d-man but hes far from being mentioned in the same sentence as those guys. My hats off to the Habs and there scouts for getting him in the 6th round though.

  10. Jordy- I might be naive, but I think Markov, at the end of his career, will be mentioned in the same category as Coffey, Potvin, Neidermeyer and more. Lidstrom and Bourque are top 3 all-time defensemen so that’s a bit far, but as for the others, they are within Markov’s reach.

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