Montreal Needs To Start Winning, And Fast. Or Is That A No-Brainer?

Maybe we shouldn’t look at the standings too closely. Montreal, Florida, Buffalo, and the Rangers are all tied with 66 points. And Carolina, the team in ninth place and out of a playoff spot, is only five behind with 61.

And once again I ask. Why can’t Alex Ovechkin buy a tooth?

8 thoughts on “Montreal Needs To Start Winning, And Fast. Or Is That A No-Brainer?”

  1. Ovie doesn’t need teeth to play hockey. Apparently he doesn’t even need legs either if you saw his goal tonight…….

  2. Alex Ovechkin is with out a doubt the best player in the game today. Hes looking like he might score back to back 60 goal 100 point seasons. E.P you said it best, that goal he scored tonight was unbelievable!

  3. Ovechkin might be a very good hockey player, but apparently, if news reports are true, he’s not a very good singer.

  4. He’s not a good singer?? That’s it, that does it! I never want to see him play for the Habs! Can’t even sing…

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