Montreal Needs This Islanders Game…..Plus…..Grade Two Was A Long Time Ago

There are thirty teams in the NHL and it’s the law of the universe that says one of those thirty teams must be in last place.

And that would be the New York Islanders, whom the Habs play Saturday night, with a record of five points in nine games. (2-6-1)


So Montreal absolutely needs to win this game. And hopefully they’ll look good while doing it, and Alex Kovalev and Tomas Plekanec will be a force to be reckoned with. These two need a big, breakout game.


The Islanders will be wearing throwback jerseys from the 1970’s, similar to the Potvin, Bossy, and Trottier era.

So they’ll be looking good when they lose.


Meanwhile, I found my old grade two workbook with some serious pieces of my art in it. I think I was a better artist then than I am now.



7 thoughts on “Montreal Needs This Islanders Game…..Plus…..Grade Two Was A Long Time Ago”

  1. DP’s body has turned to mush and Joey Mac is…Joey Mac! Yann Danis is playing. Is it going to be the curse of the french-canadien ex-Habs goalie? I do think Higgins will score. He always seems to start scoring on his home turf. It’s the parents. They’re watching.

    Cute drawings, by the way 🙂 Original Six!

  2. Nice drawings! You are way more talented than me *hides pathetic art work*

    Lets hope the Habs don’t lose tonight. That would be embarassing.

    Go Habs go!


    les CANADIENS are the only team with one lost…..a win is a win..and the HABS are doing ok in that domaine good day


  4. What’s that thing in the bottom right corner of the rightmost drawing? A mutant leaf? Orange squeezer? Carniverous alien?

  5. I love that original six drawing.

    The Senators logo is hilarious. So is the Chicago Blackhawks, although they took me a while to figure out.

    Those are awesome. Go Habs Go:)

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