Monsieur Eaton

Old man Eaton outfitted kids for decades, including Roch Carrier in “The Hockey Sweater” from the 1940s – “Dear Monsieur Eaton, would you be so kind as to send me a Canadiens’ hockey sweater for my son, Roch, who is ten years old and a little bit tall for his age? Docteur Robitaille thinks he is a little thin. I am sending you three dollars. Please send me the change if there is any. I hope your packing will be better than it was last time.”

Eaton’s were selling Habs and Leaf kids sweaters back in the days of Morenz and Joliat, and carried through to the nineties when the company finally called it quits. A history of this Canadian institution can be seen at if you’re interested.

These ads below are from the 1970s. I really like the first one.

3 thoughts on “Monsieur Eaton”

  1. I think the National Film Board should do a remake of their classic “The Hockey Sweater.” But this time they should have two kid brothers Malcolm and PK Subban opening their gifts under the Christmas tree.

    Just Imagine PK’s joy. And Imagine Malcolm’s rage…

    Those are beautiful ads Dennis. I miss Eaton and so many things that made Canada unique.

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