Molson Family Buys The Habs

The sale of the Montreal Canadiens to the Molsons is a great thing. Habs Sold to Molsons. It adds history, class, Quebec, Canada, and most importantly, lots of money, to the team. The Molson family were good owners before, and should be again.

So there it is. First the coach, then the Lafleur thing straightened out, now the buying of the club. Everything’s working out just fine so far!

10 thoughts on “Molson Family Buys The Habs”

  1. Because I’m an idiot, I accidently deleted Christopher’s comment. He asked about Savard’s role with Molsons and the Habs.

  2. And because I’m an idiot, I deleted my comment too, which went something like, Savard, because he’s an old defenceman, could teach Ryan O’Byrne to be meaner and Mike Komisarek to be smarter.

  3. No problem on the delete. You had a lot going on with shutting down your ownership bid and celebrating the start of the journey to our cup win in a year or two.

    And if the defence don’t learn, would Savard be willing to play in their place? He couldn’t be worse than O’Byrne was last year.

  4. Gillis, the free ticket, the party with the cheerleaders and waited on by Yvon Cournoyer – everything’s down the drain now. It’s that Bettman. He wants the money up front.

  5. I was so pleased to hear it WASN’T Quebecor. Now Peladeau can go crawl back under the rock he slithered out from and clean up his own company.

  6. Its a good day to be a Habs (and beer) fan. Its always a good day to be a Habs (and beer) fan.

  7. There you go. I’d read bad things about him prior, and you living there must have heard a lot. So Yay Molsons.

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