Moey And Kane In Line To Buy The Coyotes

Now that the ridiculous, drawn-out, head-scratching affair involving Jim Balsillie and the NHL’s attempts to buy the Phoenix Coyotes has come to some kind of final decision, word out of Montreal and Powell River comes the news that classy Montreal socialite Moey and west coast non-fisherman Dennis Kane have pooled their resources and are now leading contenders to buy the Phoenix Coyotes of the Natioanl Hockey League. Speculation is the new owners are leaning to moving the terminally-ill franchise to Quebec.

“I will have quite a bit of money once I kill Mr. Moey and get the insurance claims settled,” said Moey in a quickly assembled press conference minutes after Balsillie’s courtroom defeat. “Not only that, I have several shares in my business plane company. So money is no issue.”

Kane on the other hand was evasive and unfriendly. “I just want to be alone,” he muttered as he got into his Studebaker convertible with leather-seated rumble seat. “Owning the Coyotes isn’t exactly striking gold, you know.”

And what about moving the team to another destination? “Yes,” admitted Moey as she sipped a 1986 Chardonnay from the Burgundy region. “That’s the plan. We’re offering a lot of money thanks to the untimely death of Mr. Moey,and because of that we feel we have the right to move the team to Montreal and re-name it the Montreal Maroons.”

Kane stood by and added nothing. “Don’t worry about him” said his assistant. “He’s like Howard Hughes. Rich, yet very strange.”

3 thoughts on “Moey And Kane In Line To Buy The Coyotes”

  1. Dennis, that was hilarious! I’m laughing my head off. Do you think if Mr. Moey reads it he’ll get nervous? At the very least he’ll think twice about rollling over the remote in overtime again, or tonight for that matter.

    GO HABS! I want BGL to hand Komo his butt on a platter, that would make my day.

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