Moen To Dallas For Gonchar

Marc Bergevin isn’t sitting pat by first putting Rene Bourque on waivers and on to Hamilton, and now sending Travis Moen to the Dallas Stars for 40-year old d-man Sergei Gonchar.

This definitely makes Montreal’s blueline more experienced, considering Gonchar and Don Cherry are about the same age, although it remains to be seen how this is going to work out because of that.

Hopefully Gonchar’s experience will rub off on youngsters Tinordi and Beaulieu, and as my co-worker Sean Farrell, who covers the Habs for says, Gonchar’s biggest plus is his value on the power play, although of course he’s not the player he once was.

The Canadiens power play isn’t what it once was either.

Details can be seen here – Canadiens acquire Gonchar

Good luck to Travis Moen, a good, hard-nosed soldier during his time with the Canadiens.

7 thoughts on “Moen To Dallas For Gonchar”

  1. I just hope he don’t take valuable playing time from the young fellas—- we need them ready for the playoffs!!! I should say — we need Thornbush to be ready to trust them come playoff time. I can take it if Moen & Bourque might be scared of another concussion bringing them down. But at those multi million $$ pay cheques for a few years, hang up the skates and get a job in the real world , Most of us won’t earn a million in a lifetime but we carry on day by day. {except Mike, he’s gonna let a young buck have a chance}. Ya gonna pull on THE CH sweater— YA BETTER GIVE US CRUSTY ‘OLE BUMS SOME EFFORT!!!!!!!

  2. That’s it, Peter. If they’re gonna wear the CH, they’d better get the job done. Like Mike. It’s going to take three young fellows to replace him in the elevator business.

  3. Major renovations are taking place in the Habs house. Mr. Bergevin isn’t afraid to swing the sledgehammer!

  4. I think this is about getting rid of Moen’s contract, and the almost two remaining years. In hind sight, four years was probably two long after his concussion. I’m not blaming Bergevin, at the time I thought it was a good one. Moen’s first three years in Montreal were good, especially the third year when he was on pace for a career season until he got injured. He hasn’t been the same since.

    But I’m not sure this is the right trade. I was hoping to see Tinordi and Beaulieu playing full time this season. I think this virtually guarantees one if not both will be back in Hamilton. If we wanted another old man on our blue line, we could have had Bouillon for much less.

    This also eats up a lot of our cap space, reducing our late season rental opportunities.

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