Moen Inks

Travis Moen isn’t going anywhere, unless he gets traded, after signing with the Canadiens for four more years (7.4 million), and this is great news, for him and for us. The prairie boy brings toughness, maturity, work ethic, leadership, and decent skill, and it would have been a shame to see him move on.

But he stays, and opponents know that if you mess with a little guy, then you’re probably going to mess with Moen. Or White. Or Staubitz if he’s around. Add one more hard-noser like these guys to the mix and the team will be the Hell’s Angels of the National Hockey League!

Just a few tweaks to work on, like the the power play for example. Although this is something that needs to be addressed next fall, I think it should be mentioned now. It’s a huge concern, and it doesn’t matter if we’re tough and talented, we need to score on the power play. Otherwise, it’ll be the depths of hell again, and you know how that feels. C’mon power play.


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  1. In the middle of today’s signings was a bit of bad news. They signed JJ Daigneault as an assistant coach. This effectively ends my dream that Big Bird would return to the nest. Nothing against Daigneault, but Robinson was one of the top defencemen in the game’s history and has shown to be a very good coach as well.

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