Mission Accomplished – Canucks Win Opener

Raffi Torres scored with 19 seconds left in the third period, the Vancouver Canucks take game one over the Bruins, and Don Cherry said it was the worst game he’s ever seen in a Stanley Cup final.

Canucks win 1-0, only three more to go now, and I didn’t think it was as bad as Don said. Not even close. There were heart-stopping plays throughout, Tim Thomas and Roberto Luongo were sensational, and I don’t see the problem. The main thing is, Boston lost, which is probably why Don was so grumpy.

And as much as I disagree with Cherry’s assessment of the game, I also disagree with Glenn Healy, who said the Sedins played a strong game tonight. I thought the twins were a bit out of sync, their passes didn’t seem to click as usual, and although they played better than most, they didn’t play as well as they can.

But, if Don Cherry and Glenn Healy both say the opposite, then I must be wrong.

Next game, Saturday at 5 pacific. I’ve decided I want to see a sweep.


13 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished – Canucks Win Opener”

  1. As you pointed out earlier, Ryan Kesler is continuing to show that he’s a good role model for how to be rewarded as a big, gritty, tough, hard-working forward.

  2. haha, good to see Dawn Cherry angry. Looks good on you Dawn! Hoping for a sweep too. I don’t particularly like the Nucks but I have one really f**king irritating Briun fan who just sucks. Lots of canuck fans suck here but they are much more bearable to this one jackass. But is nicce to see excitement in BC. Thought Michael J. Fox interview was pretty good. Cam Neely on the otherhand, just needs to lose some serious weight.

  3. when i started playing hockey as a very young lad, my father bought me the bare essentials, equipment wise. one essential item was a cheap pair of leather hockey gloves, red white and blue with a CH logo of course. altho i must admit i never tried this i’m pretty sure if i was bitten my cheap gloves would have prevented a bloody wound. so how is it that with professional gloves made of space age material and designed to protect one against chara like slap shots and vicious slashes with composite sticks don’t offer any protection against a little bite?………….. i certainly don’t condone bitting in hockey unless the object of the bite is brad marchant’s shnozzola.

  4. Great point, Hobo. You’d think gloves now would protect from bites. Maybe Burrows has fangs! PS. I have now the same type of gloves you describe – the one with the CH on it.

  5. Mayo, Vicky at T.C.’s told me she was asked out on a date by Neely when he was with the Canucks but she said no because she had a boyfriend. She could’ve been living in Boston now.

  6. Chris, Kesler’s a key ingredient. Let’s trade Gomez, four defencemen, and Youppi to Van for him and the Green Men!

  7. Alex Burrows should have feasted on the Ferrence finger. But he would have had to rinse his mouth out afterwards with Javex bleach because the Ferrence finger is a filthy thing, and is often stuck in the upward position due to equipment malfunctions. I guess they don’t make gloves like they used to anymore.

    Anyways, I got a surprise package today from a good friend and it really made my day. Combine that with the Canucks being three games away from winning the Cup along Don Cherry being pissed off and I am having a very happy birthday.

    I like your trade idea Dennis. With one exception. We’ve got to keep Youppi. He (She?) is awesome.

  8. Happy birthday, Danno! May you have at least 75 more, including about 30 more Habs Cups! And I’m been thinking about mascots, Danno, and I’ve decided that when I’m owner/stickboy, Gaston’s not going to be the mascot. No women will come to the games if he’s there. And Youppi – he can stay but we somehow have to figure out how to get the Expos back. If Winnipeg got a second chance (Ottawa too), then baseball should give Montreal a second chance. And now, having said that, I’m thinking about the possibility of being Habs/Expos/owner/stickboy/batboy!

  9. Thanks Dennis. I heard Montreal is one of the largest city in North America without a major league baseball team. So, I think the Expos will be back one day and maybe Youppi will get his old job back and then the Habs will need a new mascot.

    Jack Schitt would make an excellent mascot for the Habs. But I’m not so sure that most people would agree.

    Then again, most people don’t know Jack Schitt! 🙂

    Anyways, the return of Winnipeg to the NHL has lots of people talking about seeing the Expos again.


    By the way, how’s Jack Schitt doing?

  10. You’re right, Danno. They don’t know Jack Schitt. Jack’s been doing fine. He comes out at night when Gaston’s passed out. Gaston’s an asshole.

  11. DK; Glad you have your site back up & running, I was going through a deep depresion not being able to read your comments and those of your many readers! It is my hope that “The Don” choked on his nuts when Raffi scored with less than 20 seconds to go!
    Hobo, if you count the number of seats sold in coyote,pred’s & panther land they still could not fill the hub of the hockey world, blue blanc et ruege for just one game! Once again if you guy’s have ever seen a Meet the Fockers when the baby utters the words ass-hooooole is his speaking directly to BUTTHEAD!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  12. Thanks, Mike. Things sure aren’t perfect yet but there’s beena lot of wok done on it, most of what I don’t understand of course. I laughed when I heard Gary Bettman tell Peter Mansbridge that he (Bettman), more than anyone, knows how much Canadians want hockey teams. I honestly don’t have the guy figured out. Is he good, bad. Does he mean well? I’m confused.

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