Millennium First-Rounders

I thought now is as good a time as any to bring back the terrific breakdown of first-round draft picks for all teams beginning in 2001 that Ron Schwartz put together last February. I posted it then and I think I’d like to do it again.

Ron Schwartz at Silver Oak Blog has put together a nice look into NHL first-round picks since 2001, showing charts and he breaks down every first-rounder from every team and where they’re playing now. He gives us the distribution of each position, shows a world map of where they’ve all come from, and it’s a nice job and deserves a look.

See what he says and scroll down to the visual work. Have a look at all the Habs picks in the new millennium, beginning with Mike Komisarek, who went 7th in 2001.  All in all, it’s a great way to lead up to Friday.

6 thoughts on “Millennium First-Rounders”

  1. Dennis

    This is a bit old as it involves who we hope the Habs draft in the first round from a day or two ago. My vote is with Grigorenko.

    From what I read he is being vastly underrated due to late season/play-off performance that was still quite good with 5 on 5 play (PP play primarily explains points drop) and can be largely explained away by injury and illness.

    He is a big centre with a skill-set that is considered as good as Yakupov and could eventually develop as the best player in the draft. Slight gamble if his intangibles prove to be an issue, otherwise a great choice IMO.

    And if you can’t take a gamble in the first round, when can you do it?

  2. Grigorenko’s stock was higher awhile back, Vince, but for some reason he’s dropped a little. I think many feel he’s a bit high-risk because of the KHL. I don’t know a whole lot about him, but I do know he’s one of the best kids on the planet and could very well go second or third. It’s kind of muddled right now. Ryan Murray has seemed to have moved up, along with Galchenyuk, and it’s not written in stone that Yakupov will go number one. I really can’t wait for Friday to see what the Habs do. It’s a very important turning point for them and they have to do it right. I’ll be happy with any of them, I think, including Murray who is a defenseman. I think with him in in the lineup, Montreal would have one of the best defense corps in the league. And of course, a gamebreaker up front would be so fantastic for the organization and fans. Can’t wait.

  3. Here’s my fearless blockbuster prediction. Toronto trades Schenn and their number 5 pick to Edmonton for their number one pick. Makes a lot of sense. I think Mtl takes Galchenyuk or Forsberg and hopefully not some American defenceman.

  4. DJ, It’s possible, I suppose, but Luke Schenn isn’t really a great player, is he? I wouldn’t do this deal. If I was Edmonton, (how could I be an entire city, but you know what I mean) I’d take Yakupov to go along with all the other studs. If they need defenseman, we’ll give them Kaberle.

  5. Yeah Kaberle. I hear the habs were asking for too much or else he would be an Oiler right now! I read that some people think Schenn needs to get out of TO to progress and that he’s got more potential then what he has shown so far. So if Edmonton wanted a d-man with their pick then at #5 there would still be lots available and so by trading #1 they would end up with 2 d-men instead of one.

  6. John, I think that would be a good trade for Edmonton, but I don’t think Toronto wants to give up on Schenn just yet. He’s younger than Subban. As for Montreal asking too much for Kaberle, does Edmonton really need that bag of used practice pucks?

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